Zahid Ziyadkhan oglu Sharifov was born in 08.01.1962 – at "Kichik Mazra" village of Goycha district of the Western Azerbaijan.

 He graduated from the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute (present Technical University) with distinction in 1985.  Since that year he worked as a senior research worker, assistant, senior teacher, senior lecturer and held a position of professor at "Technology of construction and composite materials" subdepartment during the years of 2008-2010.  Upon graduating from postgraduate studies in 1992, he defended a PhD thesis at D004.08.01 Specialized Examining Council for Thesis Defence established at Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. Upon defending a doctoral thesis in 2004, Z.Sharifov was honoured with a doctorate degree by the Dissertation Council coded D02.031 of Azerbaijan Technical University.   He was honoured with an academic title of Professor by Higher Attestation Commission in 2010.   Zahid Sharifov was holding a position of Student Union chairman at Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute during the years of 1984-1985.  Whereas, he was holding a position of a chairman of Higher Educational Staff Trade Union at Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute during the years of 1995 - 2001. 

He was employed as a senior lecturer at "Shipbuilding and ship repair" subdepartment of the Azerbaijan State Marine Academy during the years of 1997-2003 and since 2003 as a head and professor of the same subdepartment until 2010. He was taking a position of dean at "Maritime techniques and technology" faculty since 2010 until 2014.  He took a position of pro-rector on Scientific issues and international relations of the Azerbaijan State Marine Academy since 2014 until June 2017.

At present, he is taking the office of pro-rector on Academic issues since June 2017.

He is a member of Expert Council of Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as a member and chairman of Dissertation Defence Councils.  He is also a member of the International Union of Machine Builders.

All of his scientific research works relate to problems of creation of highly corrosion resistant alloys and processing of crumb composite materials dispersed with metallized non-metallic mixtures for shipbuilding, metallurgy and machine building industries.  He is an author of more than 150 scientific works, 3 monographies, 6 textbooks and  5 inventions.

Upon defending a doctoral thesis,  5 doctoral candidates and candidates for a degree were honoured with doctoral degrees in technical sciences under his scientific supervision.

As of now, 1 candidate for a degree and 4 doctoral candidates are performing their scientific research works under his scientific supervision.  

Zahid Sharifov was honoured by the State Marine Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan with a title of "Honorable Worker of Fleet" in 17.09.2012 and awarded with "Taraggi" medal in accordance with the order of the President of Azerbaijan dated 24.06.2014.          

Married, has 3 children.   He is a member of the New Azerbaijan Party.