- About Work Experience -

The organization of students training and work experience is carried out in accordance with the law “On Education” of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the requirements of the International Convention on “Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers ( STCW-78), and the Regulations on the internship of students of Azerbaijan State Marine Academy.

 The experience has the following types:

- Education (sailing) experience;

- Work (sailing) experience;

- Pre diploma experience;

 The duration of work experience is 52 weeks in 4 years for the students who study “Marine Navigation Engineering”, “Ship Power Plants Operation” and “Electrical Engineering” specialties.

The work experience is 14 weeks in 4 years for the students of the “ Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Engineering” faculty.


During the period of experience, students are provided with all the required documents and certifications, special uniforms by Azerbaijan State Marine Academy and “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company” CJSC.

 Students of ASMA have practice on board of Marine Transportation Fleet and Caspian Sea Oil Fleet ships. They also have an opportunity to do work experience on board of ASCO ships sailing in the foreign waters. The Academy also collaborates with other local and international shipping companies operating in Azerbaijan while organizing students’ working practice.

 Students of “Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Engineering” faculty have practice in “Bibiheybat” shipyard, “Zigh” ship repair and shipbuilding plants, at “Khazardenizlayihe “ (CSP) Scientific Research Institute and Baku Shipyard.