Research and International Relations Department is a structural division of the Academy. The department, along with Academy’s faculties, departments, research laboratories, centers, and other structural divisions, functions in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Statute of the Academy, the decisions of the Academic Council and Rector’s orders.  

International Relations department :

  • Main functions: Establishes direct contacts with scientific and educational institutions, organizations, international bodies and foundations of the foreign countries in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, articles of association of the Academy and its activity features, conclude bilateral and multilateral contracts on cooperation. Participates at international science and education projects. Carries out the exchange of teachers, scientific workers, students, graduates and doctoral students under international contracts. Represents Azerbaijan State Marine Academy at the events, conferences, symposiums related to issues on its competence. Creates business relationships with the International Maritime Organization and carries out purposeful work. Cooperates closely with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan and State Migration Service and informs them about the foreign students. Collects documents for temporary residence of the foreign students admitted to the academy and submits them to the migration service.

 Activity directions of the department

  1. Bilateral cooperation with the universities of foreign countries
  2. Participation of ASMA at international education programs
  3. Cooperation with the embassies and representations of the foreign countries in Azerbaijan
  4. Keeping regular contacts with the Foreign Relations department of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, State Migration Service
  5. Organization of mobility of the students, graduates, doctoral students of the ASMA at the universities of the foreign countries
  6. Organization of the education of the foreign citizens at ASMA
  7. Organization of participation of the foreign teachers at the conferences, seminars, symposiums held at Academy, as well as the provision of participation of the employees at the international conference and seminars held in the foreign countries.

 Tel:   (012) 404-37-00 (extension 3228)

E-mail: science-asma@rambler.ru