Azerbaijan State Marine Academy (ASMA) has its lawyer, who is subject to the rector of ADDA and whose main duty is to control the observance of legislation in the Academy and provide the legality of the work conducted with the students and teaching staff of the Academy.

The lawyer controls the observance legality and defense of its legal interests of the Academy;

-  Controls the observance of the legality of the projects of orders, instructions, and regulations developed in the Academy, in cases of necessity take part in the development of those documents;

- Exercises methodological guide on legal issues in the Academy, renders legal assistance to the structural divisions, public organizations, takes part in the adoption of claims, in the development of substantiated answers;

- Takes part in the solution of legal issues, which have emerged in the activity of the Academy, in the development of reviews to the projects of normative acts received by the Academy, as well as in the development of measures aimed at the improvement  of the activity of the Academy;

-  Conducts activities on the application of the law. Acquaints the employees of the Academy with the normative acts and changes done in the current legislation, provides the employees of the Academy with advice on legislation, develops reviews on organizational-legal issues and on other legal issues, propagates the knowledge on legal issues;

- Takes part in strengthening economic, financial and labor discipline, in the protection of property, in the development of measures aimed at the struggle against the wastes and misappropriation and in their fulfillment;

- Takes part in strengthening the labor discipline in the Academy;

- Gives advice in connection with the orders issued by the Academy and in connection with the application of other normative acts;

- represents the Academy in courts either in the capacity of a plaintiff or a respondent; 

Lawyer:   İmanov Sameddin

Tel:   (+99450) 277 02 93

E-mail: samaddin.imanov@asco.az