Azerbaijan Marine College was given to the possession of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Closed Joint Stock Company on the basis of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Resolution No 197, May 19, 2016) and was renamed Azerbaijan Marine College within Azerbaijan State Marine Academy.

During its 87 years of existence, Azerbaijan Marine College was subordinated to different ministries and their lead departments of the USSR. So, the College was subordinated to the All-Union State Fishing Industry in 1930-1945 and was renamed to Transcaucasian State Sea Fishing Industry Technical Secondary School, in 1946-1955 passed to the possession of Ministry of Azerbaijan SSR Fishing Industry, in 1956-1959 functioned under the authority of the Council of National Economy, in1960-1962 functioned under the authority of the Committee of Higher and Secondary Education Committee under the name of Azerbaijan State Fishing Industry Technical Secondary School. In 1963-1980 it functioned under the authority of the Main Fishing Industry Department of Baku of the Caspian Basin (“Caspian Fish”) subjected to the USSR Ministry of Fishing Economy and in 1980- 1991 it was under the subjection of the All-Union Fishing Industry of the Caspian Basin of the same ministry, in 1992 till the first half of 2000 it was under the s of “Azerbaijan Fishing State Concern.

Since the second half of 2000, it was subordinated to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan and was named Azerbaijan Marine Fishing Industry College. On June 16, 2010, it was named Azerbaijan Marine Fishing Industry College in conformity with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan Marine Fishing Industry College occupies its own place among the secondary educational schools, which educate specialists for different spheres. It is the only educational institution in the Caucasian region, which trains qualified personnel for the fishing industry. The role of the College is undeniable in the development of the fishing industry and economy. During 87 years of its activities, the College has trained over 15 thousand specialists for the fishing industries of different countries, including the CIS, and some countries of Europe, Africa, Asia and the countries of the Latin America, for which it has trained fishermen, rulersrivers of ships, mechanicians and electro-mechanicians. Twenty graduates of the College have PhD, five much higher doctoral degrees. A good number of them occupy leading posts in the republic.

Azerbaijan Marine College was instituted in 1930 by the resolution of the All-Union State Fishing Economy Amalgamation and was called the Transcaucasian Fish Industry College. In its first years, the College trained specialists specialized in “Fishing” and “Fish Processing”. Till 1939 the College did not have its own teaching building. In 1939 a special five-storey teaching building was built for the college. This educational institution began to train fishermen specialists for the whole country

Special attention was paid to training in a number of specialities. In 1950 there emerged the faculties of “Hunting of fish and sea animals, “Technology of fish products”, “Ichthyology and fishery”. Since the 1960’s there has been high growth in the fishing industry. In connection with the economic development in the USSR, it became a necessity to increase the number of specialities in the college. As a result, “Ship power installations”, “Book-keeping” and “Marine ship navigator” faculties were founded.

Within 87 years of its existence, the College faced great difficulties several times. It was on the brink of closing, but this risk did not continue long and was soon resolved. Even in 1959, there was an issue of closing the College and transfer its students to other colleges, because of the reduction of demand to specialists in the fishing industry of the republic.

In 1975 there again was the danger of the closing the College because of the poor knowledge of the Russian language by the Azerbaijani students working in the fish industry enterprises of Russia and reluctance displayed by the Ministry of Fishing Industry of the USSR. As a result of the interference of the Republican government, the College continued its activity.

The third risk for the closing of the College was in connection with the fall of the USSR. Therefore, in 1992 the College was given to the subordination of “Azerbaliq” (Azerfish) State Concern and its building was taken by the concern without any ground, and the College was moved to the building of a hostel unfit for education, occupied by the refugees and internally displaced persons. As a result, the number of students in the College reduced and the level of education fell greatly. At this hard time for the College, the decree signed on June 13, 2000, by the national leader of the Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev “On the Improvement of Education System in the Republic of Azerbaijan” played an important role in the solution of the predestination of the College. It assured the employees and students of the College that nothing remains out of the attention of the national leader of the Azerbaijani people. As a result, Azerbaijan Marine College has begun to live the period of its revival since 1999.

The students of the College have taken part in many republican sports tournaments and competitions, become winners and got prizes. The male team of students of the College won the second place in the Republican tournament in 2017.

Azerbaijan Marine College is distinguished among the secondary special educational institutions of the Republic. It is one of the first colleges, which applied the system of assessment of the knowledge of students on the multi-score system. Organization of test examinations with the application of computer-test methodology was applied first among the secondary special educational institutions of the Republic.

At present the College trains specialists in the following fields;

“Ship navigation”

“Exploitation of ship energetic installations”

“Exploitation of ship energy installations and automatic equipment“

“Ship repair”


“Installation of ship machines and mechanisms and technical maintenance”

“Protection of environment and effective use of natural resources”

There is a strong material-technical base, highly qualified, experienced teaching staff, in the College. It has a computer park connected to the internet, computerized lingophone, and modern type studies of physics, chemistry, biology, studies and laboratories of profile subjects provided with technical equipment, a mechanical workshop provided with a bench there.

The majority of students have their industrial practice in the enterprises belonging to Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company. Most of the students have the practice in the Caspian Marine Oil Fleet and in Zygh Ship Repair Plant. Students with non-profile specialities have the practice in different enterprises close to the profile of their specialities.