Teaching Department of the Academy was created in 1996. Since 2015 the Teaching Department functions as Teaching-Registration Department.

The main directions of the activities of the Teaching-Registration Department:

Development of teaching and working teaching plans based “On the State Standards of Higher Education for bachelor and master stages” approved by the minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, their submission for discussion to the Academic Council of the Academy.

Distribution of teaching hours for departments as the preparation for the new school year;

Controls the distribution of teaching hours among the departments submitted by the Teaching-Registration Department, which is also shared among the teachers in the staff of the departments in conformity with the existing normative rules and  their performance;

Controls the syllabuses, calendars, teaching plans and other documents connected with teaching;

Controls the existence and availability of the programs, textbooks and teaching aids of the subjects taught by the departments;

Controls the open lessons and mutually listened lessons of the teaching staff in conformity with an approved schedule;

Provides the dean's offices, respective departments, and chairs with necessary teaching materials;

Organization of sailing practice and its control;

Restoration of students excluded from the Academy in different years in the past, preparation of the documents of students from one form of education to another, from one specialty to another for the consideration of respective commissions;

Development of annual statistical reports and provision of their delivery to respective organs;

Registration of the students, who have credit debts in different subjects in the Academy;

Organization of summer semesters (III semester) for the students, who have credit debts in conformity with the requirements of the existing statute;

Delivery of the list of chairpersons of the State Attestation Commission prepared on the basis of recommendations of the faculties and agreed with the rector of the Academy to Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company;

After planning the admission to BA and MA levels in different specialties for the next year and consulting them with the Rector to send it to Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company.

Conduction of control on teaching discipline and development of information on it for being sent to the rector;

Development of monthly reports connected with the mobility of the contingent of students;

Collection of the documents of the teaching staff, which work in different chairs and get wages for the taught hours, and development of orders for the payment of their wages;

 Conduction of the auditorium fund among the faculties and providing control on the efficient use of this fund;

Reception of regulations, instructive letters, guiding orders and other documents for execution and control on their execution;

Development of different orders connected with the process of teaching, delivery of letters and other necessary documents to the ministry and to different organizations;

Conduction of control on the examination sessions and the defense on the graduation papers, collection of accounts from faculties connected with the results of examinations and their generalization and holding their discussion;

 The controlling service, registration office, and practice division functioning within the Teaching-Registration Department guides and coordinates the works;

 The staff of the Department consists of the head of Department, of a deputy Head of Department, six specialists on education, one methodologist and one specialist on the organization of career building and experience.

Head of Department: Asadullah Suleymanov

Tel: (+99412) 498-73-94