Specialists’ training at the bachelor's level on specialty “Operation of Ship Power Plants Engineering“ is carried out in accordance with the requirements (sections A-II/1, a-II/2) of the International Convention  “On Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (as amended STCW) of International Maritime Organization (IMO) of 1978, to which the Republic of Azerbaijan is a member.

Students studying on this specialty at the bachelor's degree obtain knowledge on exploitation of marine diesels, steam boilers, auxiliary machineries, design features of systems, their working principles, physical and chemical properties of fuels and lubricants, operating rules of pumping and pipeline systems and their maintenance support, as well as other fields related to the operation of ship power plants. The teaching process is conducted in specialized classrooms, laboratories, on simulators and a training ship.

Graduates, having successfully completed this specialty, may work at shipbuilding and ship repair enterprises as an engineer, technologist (technician), as well as a mechanic and senior mechanic on ships of all shipping companies sailing under the flag of the member States of the International Maritime Organization.