The head of the department leads the department. The head of the department is appointed and removed from the post by the administration of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company.

    1. Main tasks of the department:
    • To organize the accounting records of the Academy in accordance with the current legislation and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS);
    • To form accounting records on the basis of the standards provided in the SAP ERP system;
    • To ensure the application of the primary accounting records for business transactions, as well as the registers, in accordance with the requirements of the applicable regulatory legal documents;
    • To make accounting for fixed assets, intangible assets and their depreciation, financial and capital investments and other assets;
    • To keep records of buyers and customers, suppliers and contractors, and risk takers;
    • To keep records of profit or loss as well as distribution of profits or losses from sales and after-sales operations;
    • To keep records of cash, securities, and strict reporting forms on payment and currency accounts;
    • To make accounting for budget and extra-budgetary funds;
    • To keep records of bank loans and other operations as well as other transactions resulting from economic activities;
    • To organize, maintain and keep records of inventory on balance items.

    Formation of staff units of the department:

    • The department consists of five (5) staff units. , 1 (one) chief accountant, 1 (one) deputy chief accountant, 2 (2) accountants and 1 (one) economist. The number of staff units of the department, as well as other departments, is based on the staff schedule approved by the “ACSO” CJSC.

    Department of Accounting and Reporting has the authority to distribute financial resources and issues such as payments, calculations, loans and so on, to sign financial documents in compliance with applicable legislation, contract regulations, instructions, as well as approved plans and estimates, to sign and issue visas for all documents related to the financial and economic activities of the Academy.

      The head of the department

    Tel: (+994 12) 4985624

             (+994 12) 4043700 (commutator) 3033 (internal)