The General management in «Azerbaijan State Maritime Academy» PLE is exercised by the duly formed Academic Council, headed by the Rector. The staff of the Academic Council was approved on the basis of "Regulations on Academic Councils of Higher Education Institutions" of November 10, 1997, № 792 of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and on letter № 13-3/2-4641/2023 of December 06, 2023 of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company.



Heydar Khanish oglu Asadov


Deputy chairman

Vugar Boyukaga oglu Sadigov 

Vice-Rector on Academic Affairs and International Relations 


Almaz Yagub gizi Imanova

Academic Secretary


Elnur Oruj oglu Abbasov

Dean of “Ship Navigation” faculty


Rafiq Khalil oglu Asgerov

Dean of “Ship Mechanics and Electromechanic” faculty


Emil Mammadniyaz oglu Manafov

Director of Training center


Asadullah Mahmud oglu Suleymanov

Head of Education registration department


Vagif Hajan oglu Hasanov

Head of the department "Applied mechanics"


Elshan Fakhraddin oglu Sultanov

Head of the department "Ship Electric Automation"


Akif Shamil oglu Ismayilov

Head of the department “Ship energetic installations”


Nabiyev Hazi Nabi oglu Nabiyev

Head of the department “Marine navigation”


Ishag Abuzar oglu Khankishiyev

Head of the department “Shipbuilding and ship repair”


Sevinj Rasim gizi Rzayeva

Chairman of “Trade Union Organization”


Lachin Vasif oglu Babayev

Chairman of “Student Scientific Organization”


Taleh Tahir oglu Mammadov

Chairman of “Student Trade Union Organization”


The term of appointment of the Academic Council is 3 years. Early reorganization of the Academic Council can be carried out by request of at least 2/3 of its members.

Academic Council of the Academy:

  • adopts ASMA Regulations, makes proposals for amendments and additions and implements them;
  • approves the ASMA development program, resolves the main issues concerning the future development of ASMA, education, various fields of scientific activities, and international relations;
  • approves internal rules and regulations for students, staff, employees, doctoral students, and students;
  • approves regulations, instructions and other normative documents;
  • listens to the rector's annual report on the activities of ASMA;
  • listens to the annual report on financial activities of ASMA;
  • resolves issues related to training of personnel, scientific and pedagogical staff, their further education, and all problems concerning teaching and educational process and research works;
  • forms Commissions on education and science, socio-economic and economic activities. listens to their reports and takes adequate decisions;
  • elects an Academic secretary among the Council members to organize the work of the Council, arrange meetings and monitor the implementation of decisions;
  • resolves issues related to the creation, closing, and organization of new faculties, departments, and other structural divisions in ASMA;
  • periodically listens to the report of faculties on teaching, research and educational work;
  • requests the Supreme Attestation Commission (SAC) for awarding the scientific names  “Professor” and “associate Professor” to the staff of ASMA;
  • recommends ASMA staff members to be awarded honorary names and awards, orders and medals of the Republic;
  • endorses the curricula;

The Academic Council functions on the basis of an approved activity plan. The meetings of the Academic Council are held at least once a month. The activity plan of the Academic Council is adopted after being discussed at the meeting of the Academic Council and is approved by Rector.

The decisions of Academic Council on all issues of teaching, academic and educational affairs are taken by an open show of hand, and recommendations to be awarded the titles of Professor, associate Professor and other honorary degrees are taken by secret ballot.

The meeting of Academic Council is valid only when 2/3 of its members participate in it. If over 50%- of the total participants at the Academic Council vote for the discussed issue, then it is considered accepted.

The decisions of Academic Council come into force only after endorsed by the rector of ASMA.

The minute is kept on all meetings of Academic Council, then it is signed by the chairman and deputy chairman of the Academic Council and is deposited with the Academic secretary.

The Chairman of Academic Council organizes regular monitoring and follow up of the decisions and informs the council members about the implementation of decisions accepted.

In case there are sound reasons - if the decisions taken by Academic Council contradicts with the provisions of the current legislative acts, and is not objective they can be canceled by the decision of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company and Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.