The dormitory is located on 114 Uzeyir Hajibeyli, Baku city. Accommodation of students is carried out according to the contract signed between the student and the dormitory, following the established rules and regulations of ASMA’s dormitory. Students with foreign citizenship are accommodated in the dormitory based on common rules. 

Five-storey dormitory building was fully repaired and given to students to be used again in 2016. The total area of the dorm is 3491,4 sq. m. The number of rooms is 104 and each room is 18.3 sq. m. There are 311 beds in the rooms. The number of students staying in the dorm is 311 including 15 foreign students. There are 10 service rooms and 2 recreation rooms with 40 square meters.

The dormitory is provided with all the necessary facilities for the students’ staying and relaxation.

There are allocated areas on the left and right ends of each floor for bathrooms, toilets, kitchen and drying machines. The dorm also has laundry. All the rooms are furnished and provided with necessary amenities and bed sets. Students’ towels are changed once a week and linens are changed every ten days. The dorm is always provided with hot water and has a central heating system. The building is under constant video surveillance. Besides, the dormitory is equipped with cameras and Internet connection.

Visits to museums, art galleries, exhibitions and tours to historical places are organized by the Academy for students to spend their leisure time efficiently.

Students have the following rights:

  • To live in the defined room for the education period;
  • To use spaces, facilities, and amenities for common use;
  • To change room with the permission of the administration;
  • To choose Students Council or to be chosen;
  • To participate in social and sporting events organized by Students Council;


Students have the following responsibilities:

  • To obey discipline rules and strictly follow fire safety rules.
  • To take care of the rooms, inventory, and facilities, save water and electricity, keep the cleanliness of the common places, clean the rooms every day.
  • To participate in the events organized by the Students Council, follow the accepted rules by the Council and follow the duty schedule.
  • To turn off the lights when the rooms are left, close the doors and windows and unplug all the electric devices.
  • To follow the instructions given by the ADDA principals and dormitory administration.
  • To indemnify the damage caused to the dorm as a result of its action or inaction according to the dormitory regulations and the agreement signed with the dormitory.

     Students are not allowed to:

  • move to another room without permission;
  • take things from a room to another one;
  • fix electric devices and change their places without permission;
  • hang photos, announcements and etc. on the walls;
  • read loudly and use loudspeakers;
  • allow strangers to spend a night in a room;
  • come to the dormitory drunk, use or keep alcoholic drinks in a room.


Students can bring their personal belongings to the dorm after the administration’s approval.

Students have to return to the dorm before 22.00 p.m.