The Department of Personnel Management and Salary is a structure of Azerbaijan State Marine Academy and is subject to the rector. The Department of Personnel Management and Salary of Azerbaijan State Marine Academy is functioning since 20.09.1996 and is serving the staff of two faculties, seven chairs and eight departments. The Department of Personnel Management and Salary is headed by the head of the department, who is appointed and dismissed by the rector of the Academy. The structure and number of the personnel is determined and ratified by “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company” CJSC.

The Department of Personnel Management and Salary leads the provision of educational institutions with the personnel. It takes part in determining

the demand in the personnel on the basis of the plan of economic and social development. The Department takes part in determining and forecasting the demand in the personnel on the basis of economic and social development plans. The Department is also responsible for the true calculation of the wages, dismissals; the  head receives the educators, who want to be transferred from one post to another, controls better use of them. Together with the rector of the Academy it is engaged in the employment of young specialists, retraining and education issues. It regularly learns the efficiency of specialists for raising their qualification degrees and for their promotion at work. It sends the educators to in-service courses for increasing their qualifications, organizes the documentation connected with employment, transfer to a different position, their dismissal in time, together with the trades union provides the documentation of the eployees for appointing pensions to them or to their family members and their delivery to the organs of social maintenance, implements into life methodological guide connected with the specialists, controls the execusion of resolusions, orders and instructions connected with the personnel in due time, takes measures for improving the form and methods  of the work connected with the personnel of all categories, studies all the details connected with the personnel, sums them up, learns the reasons of fluctuation of the personnel, the reasons of  the cases of dismissing the work without an excuse and other violations of the labour discipline, develops proposals for strengthening the capability of the personnel, for removing the discovered mistakes, takes measures for the employment of workers and personnel, who have finished the term of their work, or service, organizes the stock- taking, table of business visits of the personnel and their fulfillment.

The Department controls the fulfillment of the resoltions and orders of the higher organs, studies the methodological, normative and other materials developed as a guide for being taken into account, takes stock of the personnel of the institution, studies the development perspectives of the economy of the country, to develop the statue and compile the plan of completing the institution with the personnel, employment of the personnel, their transfer and dismissal, determines the rules of conduction of the book of service records and their personal records and their protection, to legalise the pensions of the personnel and of their families, organize the time-keeping system, study and application at work  profession orientation, sociology of labour, basics of economy, science-based organization of labour, organization of production and management, study the labour legislation, protection of labour, knowledge of of the norms and rules of the production sanitary of security technics, the norms and rules of protection from fires  and their application in the process of work.

  • The Department renders a computerized system service on demands of the time.

       -There are overall three employees at the department: a head of the department, and  two specialists.

Head of Personnel Management Department and Salary:   Tarana Suleymanova

 Contact telephone  (+994 12) 493-36-44

                           (+99412) 4043700 (3034)

E-mail:  tarana.suleymanova@asco.az