There are research laboratories for scientists and young researchers to carry out their scientific researches.

Shipbuilding and ship repair laboratory

Researches carried out in the laboratory are devoted to the development of technologies to repair ship combustion engines.

Ship electrical equipment laboratory

The ” Research of ship's shaft-generator sets" research work has been carried out at the laboratory.

Ship energetic installations  laboratory
The research  works  "Enhancement of efficiency of ship energetic installations during operation and reduction of their harmful effects on the environment” and

“Enhancement of operational effectiveness of energetic installations during operation in transport ships” are carried out at the laboratory.

Shipbuilding and ship repair laboratory
Ship electrical equipment laboratory

Ship energetic installations  laboratory



The scientific potential of Azerbaijan State Marine Academy is 142 people for 7 departments overall. Of these 46 people have a scientific degree, of whom 8 doctors of science, 38 candidates of science.

Scientific works by doctors of sciences and teaching staff of the Academy have been published in scientific journals of higher Maritime schools in St. Petersburg, Kyiv, as well as in Latvia, Estonia, and Poland.

The Academy specifically focuses on research work " Problems of water transport,"  training of teaching staff through obtaining doctoral and Ph.D. degrees, research exchanges with universities in the country and abroad, conducting scientific conferences, symposiums, and seminars to attract students to research activities, the publication of scientific monographs and books.

Research works

According to the (scientific) research plan approved by ASMA Academic Council, research works from the departments are submitted to the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. Research works carried out by the Academy's scientists are included in the annual ANAS report on the main results.

Research topics for 2018-2020

  • Quality research of welded joints of the ship's hull and its corrosion resistance.
  • Enhancement of technical indicators of the ship's support mechanisms.
  • Safety criteria for passage of ships in water-restricted areas.
  • Selection of rational prices by way of studying the effects of operational parameters on the exploitation of vessel diesel.
  • Study of the electrophysical properties of the GaSb compound saturated with Mn and Sm.
  • Historical and philosophical, socio-economic, political and legal aspects of multicultural processes in Azerbaijan.

The activity of Academy scientists

  • Appointment of the Academy as a leading institution in the defense of theses for Doctor of Sciences and Ph.D. degrees.
  • Participation of our scientists as members of councils for scientific defense.
  • Supervise doctoral students;
  • Opponency and reviewer at different levels;
  • As a member of SAC expert council;
  • As a chairman of Defense councils;

Application of research results in the teaching process

 of teaching the following subjects: “Shipbuilding materials”, “ Materials science and materials technology”; “Diagnostics of ship machine and mechanisms”; “ Technology of maritime transportation”, “ Cargo transportation technology”, “ Cargo handling”, “ Technology and organization of loading and unloading processes”, “ Azerbaijan history”, “Philosophy”, “Economy”, and “Multiculturalism”