The Journal “PROCEEDINGS OF AZERBAIJAN STATE MARINE ACADEMY” has been approved under the index of ISSN 22202025.

The scientific and technical journal is included in the list of periodical scientific publications of the Supreme Attestation Commission (SAC)  publishes the results of the original researches of applicants seeking for an academic degree. Only two editions of the four-part journal are published during the year.  7 members of the editorial board are scientists of foreign countries.  


    H.Kh. Asadov PhD in  economics -associate professor

Edotorial Board

Deputy Editor-in _Chief

  Z.Z. Sharifov  Dr. Tech. Sc. – professor


Section Editors: 


B. Sadigov PhD in Tech.Sc., doc.

Vice-rector for research and international relations

 (scientific editor)


V.V. Panin - Dr.Tech.Sc., prof.

Rector of The State university of infrastructure and technologies (Ukraine)

S.G. Chulkin - Dr.Tech.Sc., prof.

State University of Maritime and River Fleet named after Admiral Makarov

(vice-rector on innovative activities)

O.A. Fahri - Dr.Tech.Sc., prof.

Technical University of Varna (Bulgaria)

A.S. Vaskov - Dr.Tech.Sc., prof.

Admiral Ushakov Maritime University (Russia)

Priednieks - Dr.Tech.Sc., prof.

Latvian Maritime Academy (Latvia).

E.D. Mammadov –Ph.D in Tech.Sc., doc.

(executive secretary)


Editors for sections: 


“Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Techology”  


A.T. Mammadov- Dr. Tech.Sc.-professor

N.Sh. Ismayilov - Dr. Tech.Sc.- professor

 “Shipping and Exploitation of Water Transport”




Z.A. Rustamov - Dr. Tech.Sc.-professor

E.O.Abbasov – Ph.D in Tech. Sc.

F.M. Kalbiyev - Ph.D in Tech. Sc.



“Shipping Technologies”



A.M. Gafarov  -  Dr.Tech.Sc., prof.

E.F. Sultanov - Ph.D in Tech.Ss., doc.

A.Sh. Ismayilov - Ph.D in Tech.Ss., doc.

F.A. Vaskevich  - Dr.Tech.Sc., prof. (Russia)

A.Y. Samoylenko - Dr.Tech.Sc., prof. (Russia)


“Problems of Natural Sciences in Shipping”

V.P. Bushlanov - Dr. Tech. Sc., prof. (Russia)

V.G. Hasanov - Dr. Tech. Sc., prof.

B.K. Agarzaev - Ph.D in Mat.Sc., doc.



Editorial office:

E-mail: sciencejournal@acsc.az


Download link:

2018 year   Proceedings of ASMA.pdf ; Proceedings of ASMA-2 

2019 year  Proceedings of ASMA-2019 n1Proceedings of ASMA-2019 n2 

2020 year   Proceedings of ASMA-2020 n1Proceedings of ASMA-2020 n2

The journal “Scientific Works” of ASMA is included in the list of periodical scientific publications of the Supreme Attestation Commission (SAC)  and publishes the results of the original researches of applicants seeking for an academic degree.

ISSN 2220-1025

Registration number-311: Registration number-311: published two times a year.

In addition to “ASMA Scientific Works”, the collection of conferences held in ASMA of teaching staff, students, master’s degree students and young researchers have been published over the two years.


  1. Manuscrips should be printed in A4 format (210x297) with 25mm top and bottom indents, and 20 mm left and right indents. The volume of manuscript should not exceed 8-10 pages.
  2. UDC indexes (class numbers) or PACS type codes should be indicated in each article.
  3. The article may be published in one of the three languages: Azerbaijani, Russian or English. The abstract should be presented in 3 languages with an interval of 100-150 words. The texts of abstract written in different languages should be identical and correspond to the content of the article. Keywords should be in three languages: Azerbaijani, Russian and English (not less than 5 words).
  4. The text of the article should be typed in Azerbaijani – Latin, in Russian – Cyrillic, and in English - Times New Roman versions, in font size 12, with one interval.
  5. Equations and formula should be separated from the text by one empty line.
  6. Equations should be numbered sequentially with arabic numbers in parentheses on the right side of the line.
  7. The explanation of the symbols and numerical coefficients should be given directly under the formula, in the same sequence they are found in the formula.
  8. The scientific novelty of the work corresponding to the nature and subject area of the article, its practical applied significance, and economic efficiency should be clearly described in the conclusions of the article.
  9. At the end, the list of references should be given in the order of the sources found in the article. They should be referred as [1] or [1, p.119]. In the list of references, The preference in the list of references as referred sources should be given to scientific articles, monographs and so on. published in the last 5-10 years.
  10. The workplace (institution) of the author( s), its address and author’s email address has to be specified in the article.
  11. The number and appropriate date of the minutes of the scientific Council in the institution which recommends the article for publication should be specified at the end of the article.
  12. The author(s) must give written consent to the publication of the article(s).
  13. Pages should be numbered in pencil on the right side at the bottom of the page.
  14. The following sequence should be observed in the manuscript:


  • UDC index (bold, size 11, capital letters and typed on the left part of the paragraph).
  • the title of the article (bold, size 12, should be typed in capital letters, there should be two spaces between the UDC index and the title).
  • author’s (authors’) surname, name and patronymic (bold, size 12, should be typed in lowercase letters, there should be left one space between the name of the article and the surname of the author (s));
  • name of the organization, its address, E-mail (size 12, should be typed in lowercase letters, there should be left one space between the surname of the author(s) and the name of the organization, its address and E-mail);

The article should have the following structure:




Açar sözlər

Ключевые слова


Problem statement

Analysis of the results obtained


Literature (references)


  1. The name of the article and the author's initials must be translated into English.
  2. A review (if the author is NOT a Professor), and anti-plagiarism is required for an article.
  3. Manuscripts must be submitted in two copies and in an electronic version.


The Supreme Attestation Commission under the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan explicitly considers the journals included in any of the three citation systems of the Web of Science database to be influential foreign scientific journals.

On exact, natural and technical sciences: