Admission of foreigners and stateless persons to the Azerbaijan State Maritime Academy is carried out on the following basis:

  • On the basis of intergovernmental and interdepartmental agreements on cooperation in education, science, and culture between the Republic of Azerbaijan and foreign countries;
  • On the basis of direct agreements between educational institutions;
  • On the basis of scholarships established by non-governmental and charitable organizations;
  • On the basis of contracts signed between educational institutions and organizations, associations, other enterprises, citizens of foreign countries, etc.

Teaching at the Academy is conducted in Azerbaijani, English and Russian languages in full-time. The new academic year starts on 15th September.The duration of a bachelor's degree is 4 years, a master's degree is 2 years.

Graduates of the Academy and other universities have the opportunity to get a second higher education in one of the main specialties of the maritime profile. In addition to theoretical diploma, students are provided with working diploma and international certificates.

Study is paid. Tuition is $3,000. While studying at the academy, you will be provided with hostel accommodation, eating and uniform.

The Academy organizes preparatory courses in Azerbaijani and in English (trainings is paid).


At the initial stage (by email or fax):

- Copy of the passport

- Copy of the document on secondary education (certificate or diploma)

- Copy of Bachelor’s Degree (only for students entering the master's program)

In the next stage:

- Application addressed to the rector

- Original document on secondary education (certificate or diploma)

- Original of an appendix on secondary education

- Passport (original) and copies of pages with visas

- 8 color photos on a red background (size 3x4)

- Health certificate (for the Academy - the result of a medical examination in the appropriate medical institution of the country of origin is presented in the form of a certificate, for the Migration Service - the result of a medical examination at the International Medical Center in Baku is presented in the form of a certificate)

- Original of the bachelor's degree and the annex to the diploma (only for students entering the master`s)

- Autobiography

- Application form (must be filled in Academy)

Note: all documents must be translated and notarized.

Foreign students are registered in the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan and receive a temporary residence permission for a period one year.

For online registration http://www.portal.edu.az 

Contact us:

mailto: monika.huseynli@asco.az

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