The museum and corner dedicated to the life of great national leader HeydarAliyev at Azerbaijan State Marine Academy

 A written  appeal was made to “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company” CJSC to establish a corner for National Leader H. Aliyev at Azerbaijan State Marine Academy and it was decided to transfer H. Aliyev corner working within “Seamen club” to ASMA. Pursuant to letter CM /1301-352 dated April 29 2015 of “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company” CJSC, a bust for National Leader has been installed in the hall near the entrance door of ASMA.

Besides, H. Aliyev museum within “Seamen club” was also transferred to Academy on the personal initiative of ASMA administration.
Creation of a museum reflecting the life and activity of Great National Leader H. Aliyev at Azerbaijan State Marine Academy was completed on 27.05.2015
The photos reflecting rich life, activity and heritage of the Great National Leader are displayed in the museum with modern appearance in the spacious and light hall of ASMA.

Special corners of the museum where the memory of Great National Leader is eternalized contain photos depicting young years of the Great National Leader, his participation in the Second World War, his family life, the years he worked for State Security Committee, and as well as photos of both periods when he headed Azerbaijan. It also includes his meetings with working people during his visits to the regions of Azerbaijan, meetings with public and art figures and high school pupils, and photos of opening ceremonies of new projects.

Organization of the museum is highly important for our Academy, since the life of our Great National Leader, great son of Azerbaijani people HeydarAliyev is a big school for marine personnel and young people studying here.

Broad promotion is envisaged by organizing regular excursions to the museum of students and marine personnel in future, providing them with rich information regarding the life and activity of our Great National Leader, and instilling feelings of patriotism in them. Such excursions will be arranged regularly every day throughout a year. 


The museum reflecting historic background of seamanship and shipbuilding in Azerbaijan since 1981 has been operating in the Azerbaijan State Marine Academy. The museum was renovated in 2002 and in 2010 repair and reconstruction work meeting current standards were carried out in the museum.

As the only educational institution with its profile in the region, Azerbaijan State Marine Academy has made great progress both in education and scientific researches over the period of its existence.

In this respect, the organization of the museum is of utmost importance for our Academy, since studying the development history of maritime at the Academy is very important for our youth and maritime personnel.

So, the museum holds information and photos reflecting maritime history of Azerbaijan since 1881. The corners include photos and information regarding “mariners-successors”, founders of Baku Marine College and its directors, well-known seamen, soldiers and graduates having graduated from the Marine College and fell martyr when defending territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. In addition to this, the models of ships sailing in the Caspian and other seas, souvenirs, stands, books, albums, diplomas of the first graduates of Marine College, booklets, cups, models, banners, vases, pendants, photos and portraits decorate museum corners. One of the most valuable exhibits of the museum is the steering wheel of “Indigirka” vessel presented to the museum.

While visiting ASMA, the scientists and officials of different countries have closely familiarized with the museum and have written their sincere words and positive impressions in the Memory book.

For example, prof. M. Aziz, member of IMO commission in 1997, B. Janbayev, representative of Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communication in 2006, I. Levitin, Russian Transport Minister in 2009, P. Rayevski, representative of Poland Marine Academy in 2009, representative of Japanese Maritime Administration in 2011, L.V. Yarovaya, professor of Odessa National Maritime Academy in 2012, O.A. Farkhi, rector of Varna city Technical University in 2012, M. Ayvazov, general manager of RMRS (Russian Maritime Register of Shipping) in 2012, representative of Ministry of Spanish Transport Department in 2013, Prof. Sh. Kondrashov, rector of State Maritime University named after Admiral F. F. Ushakov in 2014, V. Panin, rector of Kiev State Water Transport Academy after GetmanSagaydachniy in 2014, A.K. Botabekov,  rector of CSUTE after Sh. Yesenov in 2014, V.V. Kluyev deputy director of Russian Transport Ministry DSD in 2015, SanjaValkhovic Montenegro Education Minister in 2015, J.O. Barishnikov, rector of Marine Academy after S.O. Makarov of Russian Federation, Anar,  a national writer of Azerbaijan, an honored artist and chairman of Azerbaijani Writers’ Union, Chingiz Abdullayev, a world-known detective novelist of Azerbaijan, Oguz Salim, dean of Marine department of Istanbul University and representatives from other countries have written down their warm and kind impressions in the Memory book.