The printing house is a structural section of Azerbaijan State Marine Academy and is subordinate to the vice-rector on International Relations and Researches.

Employees with great experience and perfect knowledge in the sphere of publishing and polygraphic issues work in the printing house.

Technical equipment of the printing house:

Two computers of “ProDesk 400 G2 Corei5 3GHz 500 GB” type, which allow work by using modern computer programs

-        “Xerox-7830” - from the class of the newest printers, which allows modern color print

- “Duplo DP-430e” type white-black printing machine, which works in six changing speeds in different regimes and allows fulfill A3 format (and smaller formats than that) printing works

- “Package lamination apparatus”, which allows cover pellicle in hot form on papers from 0,25mkm up to 250mkm smaller than A3 format

- Copybook sewer apparatus, which sews about 130 pages of copybook type products.

    - “Fastbind Elite apparatus” allows binds soft and hardcover books without sewing reliably and operatively. It is possible to bind magazines, journals, books, booklets four sm in thickness up to A3 format.

- Xerox WorkCentre 3335 printer, which is a universal installation and allows print up to 50000 copies. It allows 600x600 DP thick scanner, copier and 1200x1200 DP in 60-200 q/m2 thickness in a different type of papers

- GMP 355 laminator, which is a laminator for the lamination of print materials. It has six silicon shafts, which has an integral infrared thermal element to regulate temperature and digital regulation of speed. Laminator allows the lamination of 200 sheets of paper in A3 format per hour.

- A350 perforation apparatus, which has four different stripes, on the account of which it is easily tuned. It allows lining and perforation of up to 60-300 g/m2 thickness of the paper. Lining and perforation tools are easily changed.

- ASSİS A-806 apparatus, which is ideal for preparing 12 paper sheets perforation and up to 250 paper sheets booklets with plastic springs. It can easily bind booklets up to A3 format.

- Boway BW-480Z3, a compact electric paper cutter able to program the work and allows cut papers in 480 cm in width and 4 cm in height. It has been provided with infra-red cutting line and sensors which ensure security.

The work performed by the printing house:

It has the capacity to fulfill all the publishing- polygraphic works of all the structure of the Academy.

It does over  200 000 pages of copies, copies of textbooks and teaching guides,  over 10 000 copies of lecture texts, subject programs, materials necessary for the process of teaching,  “The Researches of Azerbaijan State Marine Academy”, monographs and others.