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Address of the rector of ASMA Heydar Asadov to graduates
2020.07.16 14:05

Dear children! Dear graduates! Dear friends!

         Today you are completing perhaps one of the most responsible and beautiful stages of your life. After 4 years of education, you graduate from the Academy and get a higher education. I believe that you will have very good memories of Azerbaijan State Maritime Academy. You will not forget your student years or the friends you have earned here. It will be your moral duty to appreciate the hard work of the teaching staff who spares efforts in your growing up as a highly qualified specialist. Some of you may be lucky to work with your student friends. This cooperation will be easier for you. Because you are already seen as a child of one family. You will be able to support each other at every stage of your career.           You are already starting an independent life. There is a long, sometimes difficult road, but I'm sure you will have an interesting road ahead. I wish that being ADDA graduate will be a support point for you in your every future decision and big projects you will implement.        Azerbaijan State Maritime Academy is the only higher education institution teaching maritime specialties not only in our republic but in the entire Caucasus region. We are distinguished by this. Of course, students who study here are also selected. Because our students understand the responsibility of their chosen profession from the first days. During the training, they closely follow the processes and become direct participants in those processes.       I am sure that the maritime sector, like all other fields in our country, will continue to develop under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev and your work will play a great role in this process. Of course, your education at the Azerbaijan State Maritime Academy will form the basis of this.      Once again, I heartily congratulate you for obtaining the title of "ADDA graduate". I wish you success and bright days in your future activities. 


        Rector Heydar Asadov