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Wishing you all the happiness you so richly deserve!
2020.03.06 11:45

     Esteemed ladies!

     Dear mothers and sisters!

    The International Women’s Day of the 8 th of March, a bright expression of love and respect of humankind for the women - sacred and divine beings, is coming around soon.     

    I, from the very bottom of my heart, congratulate the precious and valuable members of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping, CJSC and wish each of you a health and prosperity, a happiness you so richly deserve and success in your work.

   Women have always been contributing to the solution of high-priority problems and today, they are also greatly facilitating in determination of development directions and lines of the modern world.

    Throughout the history, being the symbol of beauty, fairness and virtue, Azerbaijani women played an important role in the destiny of our people.  Our national and ethical values, cultural heritage, traditions and manners, and mother tongue are well preserved today and have been emerged successfully from ordeals and crackdowns due to our mothers.

    We always were and are proud of our women who were and are famous wise rulers, brave commanders, talented writes and great scientists …. The abutting the precious concepts of motherland, birthdom and language for each of us on the word with “mother” is is the flash of the high appreciation given to our women.

    Today  Azerbaijani women, emerging from all the hardships and hearttrending experiences truimphantly, are firmly striving for restoriation of our state independence and economic development. Our Azerbaijani women, under the present circumstances of occupation of certain parts of our native lands arising from  the Armenian Azerbaijan - Nagorno –Karabakh conflict,  nurture the youth in the spirit  of the devotion to the motherland and they fairly manage with their holy duty of the upbringing of decent posterity for the people and community.

     At present, we can hardly find a field in our lives where the women are not represented in. Formerly, Azerbaijani woman contented themselves only with shouldering the burdens of the family, but now they take the helm of the strong –minded and educated women of the world. In spite of the facts that there formerly were limitations in women’s employment opportunities, now, there are plenty of opportunities for them to reveal their talents and abilities. Today, it is deniable that women can attain success in every field and sphere of society. Our respected president İlham Aliyev successfully continues the political course of our great leader Haydar Aliyev, who always had a great respect for our women and provided favorable conditions for their obtaining a deserved place in the society both during the Soviet times and years of independence and with the same care and attention, realizes consequent activities in the advancement and empowerment of women in society.    Rewarding the eminent women in different fields with honorable names and state awards for their services is a great example of that care and attention shown by our President. The main indicator of our women’s position and role in society, without overstating, is their obvious occupation of different government posts and engagement in active labour activities in general.

     Today the whole world witnesses the capabilities and competences of Azerbaijani women  on the model of the first lady and  first vice president of Azerbaijan Republic, president of Haydar Aliyev Foundation – Mehriban Aliyeva, who is the UNESCO and ISESCO goodwill ambassador, great promoter of our national values and culture, and renders and contributes  to the raise of our national problems on the international plane.

      The “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping” CJSC has hundreds of women employees, who contribute heavily to the development of sea transport within its offices, enterprisers and organizations. The devotion and dedication of seawomen, who navigate ships and make regular journeys accross the sea, tossing on a wave in a storm stands above any praise.

      Dear ladies, may joy will never fall short of your eyes and the smile will never abandon your faces!

      Happy fresh-colored spring holiday to you!


Rauf Valiyev

The Chairman of the “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping” CJSC