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A seminar was held for ASMA students
2019.11.05 11:08

The seminar titled “Introduction to Quality Standards applicable to the Maritime Industry” was held for students of Azerbaijan State Maritime Academy of CJSC Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO).

The two-hour seminar was attended by 40 students of the first and second year Foundation English Program and was held by captain Titos Giannakakis.

During the seminar, the captain explained in simple terms to the students why quality is important to shipping companies.  Further, he pointed out that the introduction of quality to maritime companies improve the overall safety standards and company performance and also enhance customer satisfaction through effective management of resources.

Last but not least, the trainer explained through real examples how international quality standards promote strategic planning in the corporate management of maritime companies.

The seminar was held in an interactive method allowing participants to share their opinion and ask questions.