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Young Sailors Revived ASCO Logo
2019.10.22 13:23

In honor of the 6th celebration of the establishment of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO) and the 1st anniversary of a new corporate logo, 500 students of the Azerbaijan State Maritime Academy organized a grand flashmob. Having gathered in the territory of the Transportation Fleet, students revived the ASCO logo.

Thus, uniting around the ASCO logo, which reflects the national and marine spirit, students demonstrated their solidarity.

The logo is designed in the form of an abbreviation of the institution and reflects seriousness, accuracy, and power. The letter “O” in the title is formed by the symbolic interweaving of the anchor and the lifebuoy.

The logo embodies such principles as management from a single center, integrity, comprehensiveness in the activities of the institution, efficiency, positive attitude, constant commitment to values in the field of maritime transport. Symbolic interweaving of the anchor and the lifebuoy in the emblem is an expression of reliability, balance, stability and determination. The logo, made in a modern and minimalist style, also meets the requirements of modern design. In terms of style, the typographic part complements the logo with its softness.