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A concert on Novruz holiday was organized for soldiers on behalf of seafarers
2019.03.18 09:15

On the eve of Novruz holiday, Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO) organized a visit to the village of Cocug Marjanli of Jabrayil region. During the trip, the students of the Azerbaijan State Marine Academy visited the memorial built in Fuzuli region as a tribute to the memory of April martyrs to show their respect.

During the visit, the guests became familiar with the renovation works in Cocug Marjanli. They visited the mosque and “Return” park located in the village.

Moreover, seafarers got acquainted with the conditions created for soldiers serving in the frontline and had a dinner together.

The visit was followed by a concert program organized on Novruz holiday for the staff of the military unit.

Nazreddin Ahmedzade, Deputy Chairman of ASCO congratulated the soldiers on behalf of sailors on the occasion of Novruz Holiday and wished them success in their difficult and glorious service.

The commanding officers of the military unit praised the initiative of ASCO staff underlining that such meetings serve as moral support for the soldiers and create high spirit. It was stressed that soldiers and officers are ready at any time for the Commander-in-Chief’s orders to free our lands from the occupation of the enemy.

The event was followed by a concert program with the performances of famous singers such as Ahmed Mustafayev, Yegana Mursalova, Gunay Ibrahimli, Damla, Namiq Mena, Sadaf Budagova and others who caused festive atmosphere among the soldiers.

The event became even more memorable with the funny jokes of the Kosa, Kechal, the Spring Girl, and the symbolic attributes of Novruz Holiday.

Solders were presented holiday gifts, Quiz was held by organizers. The winners were awarded with special prizes.

At the end, ASCO was awarded with the honorary certificate of the commander of the military unit for the close involvement in the events held for the purpose of training of the staff in the spirit of patriotism.