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Workshop on “İnsight into the contemporary seafaring” was held at ASMA
2019.03.01 08:21

A workshop dedicated to the topic of “Insight into the Contemporary Seafaring ” was held for students at Azerbaijan State Maritime Academy of CJSC Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO).

The workshop, attended by up to 50 students, was provided by Titos Giannakakis, Advisor to ASCO Chairman and a well-known captain with a long experience.

Titos Giannakakis briefed participants on international shipping companies and their best practices. He also spoke about the maritime accidents happened around the world, their causes and the ways introduced to reduce such cases.

In addition, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and its history were also discussed during the workshop.

The workshop was held interactively with students having opportunity to ask questions and provide their views.