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ASCO hosted a training course for instructors
2019.02.13 08:57

The training course was organized for the instructors of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ASCO at Azerbaijan State Maritime Academy.

The training provided by Titos Giannakakis, an advisor to ASCO Chairman and a prominent offshore captain with a long term seafaring experience, was attended by instructors of the Azerbaijan State Maritime Academy, the trainers and assessors of the Training and Education Center.

At the workshop organized in accordance with the requirements of the 6.09 model course “Training for trainers” of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the participants were provided detailed information on available methods of training, planning and organization of teaching, setting up an enabling learning environment, training methodology, general principles of assessment of sailors’ knowledge and skills.

Speaking about the classes provided in English in ASMA beginning from this year, Titos Giannakakis said that teaching should be based entirely on the latest IMO guidelines. This involves issues such as designing and updating textbooks in accordance with IMO standards, and evaluation of knowledge.

As an additional platform for exchanging ideas with experienced and young instructors, the training course will last for three days.

ASCO regularly organizes trainings on various topics necessary for its staff. The primary goal of these trainings is to ensure sustainable development of human resources identifying necessary demands for training and education in accordance with the strategic goals of the Company and to prepare personnel for the implementation of new tasks, to systematically update the knowledge of the staff, increase the professional culture and professional rating of the staff through progressive education and training methods.