Imanova Almaz Yagub gizi was born on March 6, 1982, in the city of Ali-Bayramly (now Shirvan).  

In 2003, she  completed  bachelor's degree in Applied physics, and in 2005, she got her Master’s degree  in “Physics of biological systems” of Baku State University with honors.

She started her work activity in 2005 as a junior researcher at the “Physics and High Voltage Engineering” laboratory of the Institute of Physics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), and has worked there as a researcher and senior researcher until 2014.

Having been a post-graduate student in 2006-2009 at the Institute of Physics of ANAS, she defended her thesis "Electrophysical properties of composite nonlinear resistors based on polar and non-polar polymers dispersed by various semiconductors" on the specialty of  “Physics of semiconductors and dielectrics" in 2011. While working at the Institute of Physics, she became the winner of the contest "Scientific activities of young scientists in 2011", and she also has been a participant of various grant projects.

By the decision of the Supreme Attestation Commission under the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, she received a PhD degree in Physics in 2012 and the academic title of associate professor in 2016.

She began her career as a head of the laboratory at Azerbaijan State Marine Academy, and after some time she was appointed to the post of Academic Secretary of the Academy. At present working as an Academic Secretary of the Academy, she  is an associate professor  at the Department  of “Applied Mechanics”.

She is an author of 40 scientific works, 1 invention,  1 subject program, 1 coursebook and 1 teaching aid.

She is married with 2 children.