Agil Sahib oglu Omarov was born on 22.04.1978 in Dash Salahli village of Gazakh district.  In 1999, he graduated from Baku State University with honors.

İn 2009-2013, he received second higher education at Azerbaijan State University of Economics. 

İn 2013-2017 he worked as an accountant in the Office for Social Development of the “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company”  CJSC.

İn November of 2017,  he was appointed as an assistant to the rector of Azerbaijan State Marine Academy.

He is a member of the New Azerbaijan Party (NAP).




Phone number: (IP phone) 404 37 00 (3061)

Mob.:  (+994) 50 275 58 59

               (+99412) 493-36-44

E-mail: aqil.omarov@acsc.az