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Azizov Turgut

Chairman of ASMA  Students Trade Union Committee

General Information

Deputy chairman: Sadigov Aladdin

Deputy chairman: Mirzazadeh Heydar

The structure of ASMA  Students Trade Union Committee


Chairman of the faculty and deputies:

  1. “Ship mechanics and electromechanics” faculty

1) Jafarov Vagif                          197A           faculty chairman

2) Filmanov Ehtiram                367A1            faculty deputy chairman

3) Behbudaliyev Seymur          367A2           faculty deputy chairman

  1. “Ship navigation” faculty

1)  Mammadguliyev Zafar         186A2     faculty chairman

2)  Valiyev Arzuman                    188A2    faculty deputy chairman

3)  Alakbarli Asgar                      207A1     faculty deputy chairman


 Management Board of ASMA  Students Trade Union Committee:

  1. Azizov Turgut
  2. Sadigov Aladdin
  3. Mirzazadeh Heydar
  4. Yusifov Tunar
  5. Jafarov Vagif
  6. Mammadguliyev Zafar
  7. Mastiyev Gurshad
  8. Agayev Murad
  9. Farziyev Farid


Chairman of the Department of Projects: Agayev Murad – a student of group 207A1 of “Ship Navigation” faculty

Chairman deputies: Kazimov Huseyn - a student of group 188A1

                              Huseynov Agil -  a student of group 207R

The Department of Projects arranges the planning of all kinds of events and competitions.

Chairman of the Sports Society: Farziyev Farid - a student of group 366A1 of “Ship Mechanics and Electromechanic” faculty

Chairman deputies: Gurbanov Arif - a student of group 368A1

                             Alizadeh Jabbar - a student of group 368A1

Sports Society organises all kinds of sports competitions within the Academy.


Chairman of the Department of Sciencific Activities: Masiyev Gurshad - a student of group 187A of “Ship Navigation” faculty

Chairman deputies: Mammadzadeh Jabbar - a student of group 199 I

                             Abbasov Famil - a student of group 198A1

The Department of Scientific Affairs provides the organization of scientific events and knowledge contests.



 Regulations  on group Trade Union  Organizations of Higher and Special Secondary Education  Institutions

Approved at the Plenum of the Republican Committee on June 18, 2004

About establishment of trade union group

  1. A trade union group is established by the decision of the trade union committee in groups that study at the same educational institution (group, section, department) and unite no less than 7 members.

2.The trade union group organizer (hereinafter "organizer") is elected by open voting at the general meeting of the group for a period of 2 years. Depending on the real situation, the proposals of faculty and university (institute) committee, a deputy and other committees (on education, labor protection and safety rules, on sports, etc.).   may be selected to assist the group organizer.

3.About the work of the group organizer

  1. The group organizer, along with selected trade union activists draws other students (pupils) of the group into all social work carried out at the educational institution.

5.The group organizer focuses on improving the quality of education, strengthening the teaching discipline, safeguarding the property used and using it efficiently.

6.Organizes competitions, contests among groups, awards the winners with the decision and consent of the group, faculty, university committee in order to gain profound knowledge and to achieve success in the field of scientific and technical progress.

  1. Focuses on organizational work, holds contests under the title of "Best Trade Union Group" and "Best Commission".
  2. Conducts raids to monitor the strict adherence to academic discipline together with group, faculty and university activists, discusses the results with the relevant trade union and faculty deans, and makes appropriate decisions.
  3. Gives encouragement to those who differ in education, controls timely and proper provision of monthly scholarships to students.

10.The group organizer gets in touch with the higher trade union bodies to ensure that students and pupils are closely acquainted with and abide by the safety rules, he provides their annual medical examinations, and takes effective measures to prevent them from injuries and being disabled.

  1. Gets in touch with the medical center of the educational institution, examines students and pupils who are in poor health, contacts the relevant trade union organization to obtain preferential sanatorium and resorts to restore their health.

 12.Gets in touch with officials in charge of the administrative and economic affairs of the enterprise, maintains constant attention to the provision of accommodation to students in need of dormitories, and regular activities to improve housing and living conditions of union members.

13.Along with clubs, simple circles and groups functioning in the educational institutions provide basic activities for the students to spend their leisure time efficiently and to enhance their cultural level.

14.Joins the efforts of departments to promote student sports, to strengthen their physical fitness, to conduct interesting sporting events and sports events to increase students' military-patriotic feelings.

15.The group organizer, along with other activists, oversees the work of students' facilities (library, dining room, buffet, medical center, student campus, club, dormitory, sports facilities, sanatorium, computer rooms) and submits proposals and suggestions to higher trade union bodies, regularly informs members of the group about the work done and the decisions made.

  1. The group organizer regularly instructs the ordinary members of the trades union on the formation, purpose, objectives, history, structure and other aspects of the activity of the union and takes measures for improving their qualifications, takes care of strengthening their ranks, focuses attention on observing the requirements of the regulations of the trades union.
  2. (16) The group organizer controls the admission of the freshmen to the membership of the trade unions, payment of monthly membership fees in conformity with the instruction in force and the necessary documents connected with it, he (she) is also responsible for all the mentioned to the higher bodies of the trades union.
  3. The group organizer holds the meeting of the group at least once a month, provides the members of the union with comprehensive information on the performed and future work, on the adopted decisions, as well on the mechanisms of their implementation,  informs the faculty, university committee on the issues if they are beyond the capacity of the group organizer. 
  4. The group organizer works by basing on the statute, adopts appropriate decisions on the members of the union, who violate the Charter, and informs the higher trades union bodies about it.


  1. The rules of work of the group organizer
  2. The group organizer works on the Charter of the Trades Union of Azerbaijani Educators, the Law “On Trades Union”, its own work plan, relevant instructions, orders and recommendations of higher trades union bodies.
  3. The group organizer is independent in his/her activities and is not subordinate to the officials of the educational institution (chief of the department, dean, rector, vice-rector) and reports and is answerable only to the group, which has elected him and to the higher trades union bodies.
  4. The group organizer and different individuals may be awarded by the bodies of higher trades union for their well-performed activities.


The Main Directions of Activity of the Committee of Trades Union

The main directions of activity of the Committee of Trade Unions consist of the following: - Protection of the labour, social, economic rights and legal interests of  educatees and educators, who are the members of the Trades Union; -Representation of the interests of the members of the union in the frames of cooperation with the employer, holding collective negotiations, signature of collective agreements and implementing the control on their fulfillment; - Rendering care for the health of the members of trades union and for that of the members of their families, organization of their pension guarantees, organization of their health recreation and rest, development of physical training and sports; - Organization of the public control over the factors affecting the environment, over  the provision of  healthy and safe work conditions; - Increasing the number of the activists, employees of the trades union and retraining of the members of the trades union, their retaining and increasing their education; - Rendering  methodological information, legal, material and other kinds of assistance to the members of the trades union and organizations of the trades union, etc. In conformity with its regulations the committee of the trades union forms the folloeing commissions in order to implement into life the directions of its activities:

  1. The commission of organizational-mass work;

2.The commission of labour and social maintenance;

3.The commission of cultural-mass and sports activities committee;

4.The commission of labour protection, etc.

The commission of organizational-mass work is expected to fulfill the following tasks:

- To attract the workers (students and pupils) to become members of the trades union;

- To plan the activity of the committee of the trades union;

- To sum up the proposals and critical notes sounded in account-election meetings (conferences), to draw up the plan of the work to be performed;

- To make preparations for holding the meetings of the trade unions;

- To control the  fulfillment of the resolutions adopted by the committee of the trades union;

- To organize the work of the activists of the trades union;

- Organization of correct clerical work;

- Conduction of the registration of the organizations of trades unions and strengthening the spheres  of the organization qualitatively;

- Suggestion for  the material and moral-spiritual rewarding  the members of the trades union distinguished in the sphere of the trades union; 

- Develops  comprehensive information on the activity of the trades union and information connected with the activity of their separately taken organs, which allow more members of the union and people in the sphere of education;

-  To render methodological assistance to the activists of the trades union, to  different organs of the trades union in the issues of informational nature connected with the newly adopted normative documents; - Conducts the record of minutes of meetings (conferences, conferences and other meetings of the committee of the trades union;

-  Conducts invesigations connected with the applications, complaints, inquiries connected with the organizational issues and suggests its own proposals;

-  Organizes different competitions, contests and trainings for strengthening the trades union and increasing its  authority;

- Takes close particiupation  in the fulfillment of the collective contract.

Tasks of cultural-mass and sports commission:

-  Organizes the visits to the tombs of Heydar Aliyev, national leader of the Azerbaijani people, to those of the martyrs, who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the motherland, celebration of the remarkable events in the history of the country, commemoration of the tragedies taken place in the history of the country;

- Organizes visits to  museums, historical monuments and other sightseeings of the country in the days of vacations and weekends in order to cultivate  the feelings of love to the Motherland;

- Attracts the members of the trades union to mass-culturalevents and  theatrical performances; - Celebrates the state and national holidays of the republic in the institutions and enterprises together with their administrations;

- Develops proposals before the signature of collective contracts;

- Controls the organization of cultural-mass sports activities provided by the collective contracts;

 - Implements into life necessary activities connected with the preparation of recreation camps for summer;

- Implements into life mass-cultural events, organizes different circles, holds intellectual  and other competitions conforming the tastes of the members of trades union;

- Organizes the delivery of information on the genocides committed against our people in different years by the Armenians and mass memory ceremonies; - Organizes the exhibitions, review competitions, festivals, competitions, sports and athletic meetings of the members of the trades union;

- Develops proposal for opening leasure time centres by taking into account the interests and inclinations of the members of the trades union;

- Organizes visits to the houses for the aged and orphans, renders material and moral-spiritual assistance to them with the participation of the members of the trades union;

- Organizes visits to the pre-front military detachments, renders material and spiritual-moral assistance to them, raises the combat spirits of the soldiers.

 Tasks of the Commission on the Organization of Labor:

 - Regularly controls the situation whether the work places, passages, buildings, territory and other locations, as well as the exploited equipment and mechanisms, weight-lifting capacity of mechanisms, means of transport, technological processes meet requirements of the protection and safety of labour;

- Has a control on the transportation, deposit and use of malignant, inflammable and explosive, dangerous subsatnces and materials, on the radioactive radiation sources;

- Examines the sanitary-hygenic labour conditions (heat-humidity regime, pollination and gasification of air, illumination, etc.) in the work places, in sanitary-living rooms, their equipment with necessary things and the conditions of their maintenance;

- Examines the conformity of the newly-built and reconstructed industrial and living objects to the rules of the safety of labour;

- Controls the conduction of instructions to the employees, teaching safe methods of work to them, organization of work and achievement of high quality in such activities, delivery of certain certificates and warrants to those who work in highly dangerous works;

- Analyzes the injuries and professional diseases, their reasons, controls the measures aimed at their liquidation, fulkfilment of the instructions of the State Labour Inspection, labour protection service of the enterprise, fulfillment of the recommendations of the persons charged by the trades union and public organizations;

- If the injury has taken place not because of the guilt of the enterprise, but because of gross carelessness of the employee, the labour protection commission of the enterprise submits its special opinion about the injury. When the employer determines the degree of the guilt of the sufferer, the opinion of this commission shall be taken into consideration by the employer;

- Controls the provision of the employees with special clothes, shoes and individual means of protection and the service to them (their repair, cleaning, washing, cleaning of the dust, etc.);

- Controls the work regime, rest time, protection of the labour of women and youth, washing, disinfecting materials, delivery of medical treatment food, organization of fresh water regime, due payment to the employees for the damage at work in time and  control on the legislation;

- Takes part in the development of a cetain part of the Agreements and Collective Agreement and in the inspection of their fulfillment, in the implementation of the activities aimed at their realization, in the preparation  of the enterprise for the seasons of autumn and winter, in the attestation of work places in the enterprise. Controls the use of finances intended for the protection of labour;

- Considers the projects of different documents devoted to the urgent problems of the protection of labour and the applications and complaints of the members of the trades union. In cases of necessity submits its proposals to corresponding committees of the trades union, to its lower bodies (shop trades union, bureau of trades union);

- Takes part in the preparation and conduction of organizational activities (examinations of the documents, competitions, raids, days of the protection of labour, etc.), examines the presence of the means of propagation and the condition of their availability, the state and work of the study of the protection of labour, the condition and presence of propagation means, organization of the studies  of  protection of labour,  availability and condition of the organization of boards and corners on safety appliances.

Tasks of Labour and Social Maintenance Commission:

- Controls the activity of administration of the enterprise whether it obeys the requirements of the Labour Code concering the time of work, days of rest, holidays, protection of the labour of underage children and women as provided by legislation;

- Provides advices to the structures of trades union on the wages and salaries connected with the legislation;

- Controls the calculation of wages and salaries for additional work performed not during the time of work, deduction of taxes  from the wages and salaries of employees leaving for holidays;

- Controls the payment of wages and salaries in time and properly;

- Takes part in court trials connected with the defence of the rights of the members of trades union;

- Renders legal assistance (advice, compiling claim applications and development of other legal documents)  to the members of trades union connected with labour, social maintenance;

- Arranges the legal expertise of the conformity of issed resolutions, instructions and other legal documents to the legislation in force; Takes part in the development of the collective aggrement and its signature;

- Develops methodological guides for the activists of trades union connected with legal issues;

- Draws the activists of the trades union to the courses, workshops and trainings connected with the legal issues;

- Controls the fulfilment of the conditions of the collective agreement;

- Controls the observance of legislation in taking the obligations connected with the project of the collective contract;

-  Organizes the discussion of the project of the collective contract for being adopted in the conference (meeting) in the organs of trades union with the participation of its activists;

 - Compiles the semi-annual and annual accounts connected with the fulfillment of the terms of the contract;

- Organizes the additions and changes in collective contracts connected with the changes in labour legislation;

 - Controls the implementation of proposals inti life  suggested by the collective in conferences and sittingsa by the collective of labourers.