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General Information


Chairman: Jafarov Vurğun

Deputy chairman: Hashimov Rovshan

Deputy chairman: Amirbayov Abbas

Contact:     +994 77 714 20 01

                     +994 55 384 23 46

                     +994 50 681 12 38


      The history of Student Youth Organizations is related to Decree No. 41 dated February 15, 2005 “On approval of measures plan on improving work students and youth in the Republic Of Azerbaijan” by Ramiz Mehdiyev, the head of Executive Office of the President of Azerbaijan Republic. In view of the execution of this order, to ensure fulfillment of duties falling upon the Ministry of Education Misir Mardanov signed Order No. 89 dated February 28, 2005 “On approval of measures plan on improving work with students and youth in the Republic of Azerbaijan”.

That is how the establishment of student youth organizations started in all public and non-public education institutions depending on the number of students.

Structure of ASMA  Student Youth Organization (SYO)

 Chairman of the faculty and deputies: 

  1. “Ship mechanics and electromechanics” faculty

 Chairman: IbrahimovVusal             196A3

 Deputy: HasanovGoshunali     367A2

 Deputy: YagubovFarid            198A2  

  1. “Ship navigation” faculty  

Chairman: KhalilovKhalaf                207A1

Deputy: IsmayilliIsmayil         187A

Deputy: MirzayevKanan          188A1

The management board of ASMA SYO  

  1. Jafarov Vurghun
  2. HashimovRovshan
  3. Amirbayov Abbas
  4. IbrahimovVusal
  5. KhalilovKhalaf

  The management board of ASMA Student Youth Organization:

The main goal of SYO is to represent and protect the interests of each student, provide their active participation in public and political, cultural, social and economic life of the republic within the frames of implementing the state youth policy.

The primary missions of the Organization are the followings:

  • to take measures on resolving the social problems of students;
  • to conduct awareness-raising activities among students;
  • to achieve effective organization of students’ leisure time;
  • to defend students’ rights;
  • to ensure the participation of talented and creative students in competitions, olympiads, exhibitions, festivals within the country and abroad;
  • to carry out prophylactic measure among young people against drug addiction, alcoholism, crime, obscenity and other negative habits;
  • to organize the participation of students in competition, seminars, festivals, forums, assemblies, exhibitions, actions, roundtables, scientific conferences, training courses, public propaganda campaigns, discussion clubs, symposia, meetings with prominent persons;
  • to publish newspapers and brochures in order to inform the public about events related to students and youth, including the ones taking place in the public and political, social, economic and cultural life of the republic;
  • to organize extracurricular activities, studios, clubs, courses, services to ensure students’ individual interests and tendencies, intellectual development;  
  • to raise corresponding issues at the Academic Board in order to study the problems of students and adopt relevant decisions. Aware the leadership of higher and secondary education institutions of positive resolution of occurred problems and issues;  
  • to obtain information from relevant departments and faculties about the number of enrollees, their class attendance, discipline and dormitory provision;  
  • to perform other duties not prohibited by the legislation.  

Student Youth Organization united to Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations' Union operates in 96 higher and secondary specialized institutions. SYO has more than 30 thousand student members.

 Charter of the organization

  1. General provisions

1.1. Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations Union operating in the higher and secondary special education institutions (hereinafter referred to as “Organization”) has been formed with the aim of increasing their activity in social life of the educational institution, defending their rights and interests, effective organization of their leisure time, ensuring their interest and wishes, intellectual development, as well as creating close relations between groups and faculties, following the general interests and volunteerism principles of studying young people.  

1.2. Organization operates according to the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, laws, decisions, orders, and recommendations of Ministry of Youth and Sport, Ministry of Education, charters of higher and secondary special education institutions and to this Charter.  

1.3. Organization operates in mutual relations with state bodies, non-government and international organizations for achievement of operative solution of issues connected with the students’ education and problems.  

1.4.  Organization is an independent student-youth organization based on the general interests and volunteerism principles of students in higher and secondary schools. 


  1. Main duties and objects of the organization.


2.1. The main goal of the SYO is to represent and protect the interests of students and each student individually in the implementation of the state youth policy, ensuring their active participation in the socio-political, cultural, social, and economic life of the Republic.  

2.2. The main duties of the organization are the following:  

2.2.1. Implementation of the work on the solution of students’ social problems  

2.2.2. Carrying out educational work among the students  

2.2.3. Effective organization of students ' leisure time  

2.2.4. Ensuring students’ rights  

2.2.5. Ensuring participation of talented and creative students in competitions, Olympiads, exhibitions, festivals being held in the country and abroad  

2.2.6. Holding of prophylactic measures against drug addiction, alcoholism, criminality, immorality and other negative tendencies 

2.2.7. Organization of competitions, seminars, festivals, forums, meetings, exhibitions, actions, round tables, scientific conferences, training courses, mass advertising companies, discussion clubs, discussions, symposiums with students’ participation, and meetings with prominent individuals

2.2.8. Publication of newspaper and materials with the purpose of giving information on the events happened in administrative-political, social-economical and cultural life of the republic, also measures connected with the student and youth

2.2.9. Organization of circles, stadiums, clubs, courses and services for organization of intellectual development, interest and desires.

2.2.10. Learning of students’ problems and submission of issues on making proper decisions to the Scientific Council, raise an objection before the leadership of secondary schools.

2.2.11. To get information on numbers of students, their course attendance, disciplines, and ensuring with hostels by proper charter and faculty

2.2.12.To hold other duties not prohibited with the legislation

III. Membership to organization, their rights and duties  

3.1. Students can be members of organization in their schools.  

3.2. Membership to the organization can be voluntary.  

3.3. Acceptation to the membership of organization is carried out by the Management Board.  

3.4. Students who want to be member of the organization should written notified the Management Board. Application is reviewed during 10 days and if more than half of members of Management Board will give their positive opinion, the candidate will be accepted.  

3.5. Members of the organization have the equal rights and the following rights:  

3.5.1. to take part in the organization management  

3.5.2. to select or to be selected to the selection body of the organization  

3.5.3. to take part in measures of the organization  

3.5.4. To get information on the activity of the organization  

3.5.5. To take part in different project and programs  

3.5.6. To apply to organization for assist on protection of own interests  

3.7. Members of the organization can not be member of two selective bodies at the same time.  

3.8. Members of the organization have the following duties:  

3.8.1. to follow the charter of the organization  

3.8.2. to be responsible  

3.8.3. to follow decisions of executive body of the organization 

3.9.  The following situations can be reason of organization member’s activity  

3.9.1. If the organization will be terminated  

3.9.2. if will left the organization voluntarily

3.9.3. when dismissed from membership in the organization;

3.10. A member of the organization is authorized to appeal to the Management Board if he / she is dissatisfied with the termination of membership.

IV. Organizational structure

4.1. Organization has the following structures;
4.1.1 Group organization;
4.1.2. department organization;
4.1.3. organization in higher and general specialized education institution ( university, academy, institute, conservatory, college, technical school);
4.2. Group organization is the core of student – youth organization composed of at least 3 (three) persons.
4.3. The work of group organization is headed by chairman and deputy chairman selected by secret pol.
4.4. When the number of group organization is more than 20, the Management Board shall be elected  consisting of 5 (five) people including chairman and deputy chairman.
4.5. Management Board of the group organization delivers initiatives of its members to the attention of department Management Board and ensures the action plan accepted in the department is implemented within the group.
4.6. Sessions of the Management Board of the group organization is held 2 (twice) a month.
4.6. Department organization is established in case when clusters are operational in at least half of the groups in the department.
4.7. The work of the department organization is headed by chairman and deputy chairman selected by secret poll.
4.8. Management Board is made up of at least 7 (seven) persons including the representatives representing group organizations of the department, chairman and deputy chairman.
4.9. Management Board delivers initiatives of the members of department organization to the attention of the Management Board and ensures implementation of the action plan accepted by it within the department.
4.10. Sessions of the Management Board of the department organization is held at least 1 (once) a month.

  V Management Bodies of the Organization 

  1. 1. Organization has the following management bodies:
    5.1.1. Conference;
    5.1.2. Management Board;
    5.1.3. Inspection Commission.


    5.2. Conference is the supreme body of the organization convened at least once a year.
    5.3. Selection of conference representatives is done based on the number of students at the higher educational institution and approved by the Management Board.

5.6. Irregular conference may be convened at the request of more than half of its members and decision of the Management Board.
5.5. Organization members shall be notified about the convocation of conference  within at least 20 (twenty) days prior.

5.6. Conference has the following authorities:
5.6.1. Selection of the Management Board and Inspection Commission;
5.6.2.Establishment of the composition of the Management Board;
5.6.3.Proposals to make amendments in the organization’s Regulation;
5.6.4.Changes in the structure of the organization;
5.6.5.Prior termination of authorities of executive bodies of the organization;
5.6.6.submission of annual report of the organization;
5.6.7. Hearing complaints and appeals by organization members;
5.6.8. Hearing reports by heads of the executive bodies of the organization.
5.7. Conference shall be deemed authorized when more than half ( 50% +1) of the conference representatives are present.
5.8. Decisions regarding the matters put to discussion at the conference are adopted by ordinary majority of votes.
5.9. Written records is taken of the conference, which is signed by conference chairman and secretary.

Management Board

5.10. Management Board heads the work of organization in the period between conferences. The number of the Board is decided by the Conference.
5.11. The number of the Management Board is decided as follows:
5.11.1. Two to three persons from each department;
5.11.2. Quotas may be increased  over departments at higher and specialized educational institutions with department number below 5.
5.11.3. The number of the Management Board shall not be less than 11 people.
5.12. Management Board is elected for a period of two years.
5.13. Work of the members of the Management Board is terminated in the following cases;
5.13.1. upon completion of bachelor’s or master’s education;
5.13.2. fontinuation of education at other higher and specialized education institutions of Azerbaijan or outside the Republic of Azerbaijan;
5.13.3. failure to take part at the sessions of the Management Board 3 (three) times in sequence without any reasons;
5.13.4. at personal request.
5.14. Management Board is a collegiate body composed of the chairman, deputy chairman, and members of the Organization.
5.15. Sessions of the Management Board are held at least twice a month and has the following authorities:
5.15.1. accepts and terminates members at the organization;
5.15.2. establishes organization’s executive bodies;
5.15.3. approves organization’s action plans and projects;
5.15.4. makes decisions regarding all organizational matters apart from the matters in the authority of the conference.
5.16. Sessions of the Management Board are deemed authorized when more than half ( 50% +1) of its members are present and decisions are adopted at the ordinary majority of votes.
5.17. Irregular session of the Management Board may be convened at the request of 2/3rd of the members of Management Board.
5.18. Chairman heads work of the Management Board;
5.19. Chairman of the Organization is elected for 2 (two) year period ( with the right of reelection) by secret pol by the Management Board;
5.20. One and the same candidate may not be elected for more than twice to the chairman position.
5.21. Authorities of the Organization chairman:
5.21.1. carries out general management of the organization’s work and carries executive and instructive functions;
5.21.2. represents the organization and acts at its name;
5.21.3. heads sessions of the Management Board;
5.21.4. ensures implementation of the decisions of the conference and Management Board 5.21.5. performs other functions assigned by the conference;
5.21.6. submits the developed projects to higher and specialized education institutions for financing;
5.21.7. reports to the conference relating to his activity.
5.22. In absence of the chairman of the Organization, his authorities are exercised by one of his deputies.
5.23. Deputies chairman are elected by secret poll for 2 (two) year period ( with the right of re-election) by the Management Board. Deputy chairman of the organization is also deputy chairman of the Management Board.
5.24. Deputy chairman shall not be elected for more than 2 (two) terms to the same position.


5.25. Inspection Commission (IC) of the Organization guarantees the work of elective bodies, high – ranking officials and members of the organization are in line with the Regulation. IC composition is elected for 2 (two) year term and it shall be composed of 5 (five) persons.
5.26. IC shall examine and respond to appeals filed in by the bodies and members of the organization within 10 (ten) days period .
5.27. The persons elected to IC shall not be represented at the Management Board.

VI. Arrangement of organization work, its property, projects, and programs

6.2. The premises ( room) and technical equipment assigned by higher and specialized education institutions for work of the organization are conventionally considered the organizations’ property.
6.2. Organization’s financial work is carried out on account of financial resources allocated by higher and specialized educational institutions, as well as sponsors, voluntary contributions and other sources not prohibited by law.
6.3. Organization comes up with the project proposal for the actions to be carried out. Higher and specialized educational institutions agree to finance the project only after approval of the project proposal.  Project proposal may also be financed on account of grants received from foreign institutions.  
6.4. Considering the interests of students, organization develops programs relating to various fields and carries them out in conjunction with higher and specialized educational institutions, government authorities, NGOs, international institutions, and donors.

VII. Termination of the Organization work

The Organization may be terminated, reorganization or liquidated at the decisions of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, Ministry of Education and the conference.

7.2. Termination of the organization is carried out in the manner prescribed by the current law.

VIII. Final regulations.

The issues not stipulated in this Regulation are regulated by law.

8.2. Provisions of law shall apply in case the provisions of this Regulation are inconsistent with the law in future.