The Department of Supervision on Performance and Clerical Services is operating in accordance with "Guidelines on book-keeping by state authorities, departments. organizations and institutions" approved by decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and with the order issued by ACSC on "Bookkeeping at the institutions and organizations subordinated to ACSC. "

All documentation relating to the performance of activities of the Academy and activities of the Academy on the organization of documentation work is performed by this Department.    

The functions of the Department are the provision of electronic document flow, supervision over performance and organization and promotion of archiving administration.  

For the purposes of modernization of bookkeeping through modern management methods and ensuring of data safety - the Electronic Documentation Flow System is being implemented in the Academy in accordance with the order issued by Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Closed Joint Stock Company dated  22.02.2016, no. 33 . The Department of Supervision on Performance and Clerical Services is responsible for implementation of this system. 

The functions of the Department also includes :

To provide administrative, methodological management and current supervision over adherence to the requirements relating to the implementation of document flow and book keeping in the Academy; to draw up and participate in the drawing up processes of project documents pertaining to book-keeping, document flow and archiving administration.

To receive and register all documents incoming to Academy and to ensure drawing up of document record cards, copying of  documents and their delivery as applicable ;

To ensure that the documents which were delivered to the Academy are received by the relevant executing structural divisions, to supervise that the necessary notes on execution progress and results are made into document record cards as referenced and to send all outgoing documents to its destination ;

To ensure quick and in-time flow of documents, organization of document administration, control over execution of the document in a timely manner and to organize handing over of documents to archive in a defined manner ;

To receive, withdraw from execution and send to its destination all executed documents from the relevant department, subdepartment and deaneries of the Academy  and to provide classification and keeping of records for all outgoing documents ;

To ensure installation of document searching systems and availability for using of these systems by employees who are directly responsible for book-keeping in the Academy;   to provide supervision over in - time  performance of tasks  appointed by Vice-chancellor in respect of urgent and important documents, as well as his / her tasks pertaining to suggestions, applications and complaints filed by citizens.

To check if outgoing documents were drawn up in a proper form and manner and to check correctness of  adresses and other details reflected in the documents;   to check if visa for document were properly and completely collected ; to refer the relevant document basck to the relevant department of the Academy by stating reasons for referral if any mistake is figured out in  the document ; to hand over the document ot its executor for the purposes of delivery of the document to its destination in case if such document was resent back undelivered to its destination ; to develop component list of cases including all documents created in respect of Academy`s activities and those documents received from third parties for the purposes of  proper keeping of document folders, provision of easy finding of documents, systemization, registration of cases and determination of their storage period and their further proper handover to archive ; prior to submitting of the project orders for approval by the Vice Chancellor, to check if those preject orders were drafted properly, and if all visas were collected for them and all attachments are present ; to register, ensure storage and delivery in accordance with the reference list of all signed (executed) orders; to ensure consideration of all applications and inquiries received from individuals, state authorities, departments, institutions and organizations in accordance with applicable legislation ; to ensure confidentiality protection of proprietary information, state and commercial secrets in accordance with applicable legislation ; to provide proposals in respect of projects of legislative regulations, organizational - administrative documents ;  to confirm geninity of the documents relating to the Academy ; to consider all applications adressed to the Academy (or to functionaries of the Academy) of which execution was allocated to the Department,  to carry out enquiries and to present proposals in respect of involvement of the relevant functionaries of the Academy; to provide opinions, perform analyses and unifications, prepare analytical materials  which relate to the sphere of activities of the Department ; to perform research and to render proposals on the relevant areas ;

To represent the Academy on the issues relating to its activities and to participate at various events held at national and international levels and various commissions established in the Academy and in other state entities and in other task teams ;

To exercise its other rights as determined by law.


 Drafting of cases to be submitted to archive, enlisting of cases and their delivery to the archive, use of archival documents, issuance of archive references, protection of archive facilities and all documents stored therein,  handover of archival documents to the state archive for perpetual storage and determination of requirements for termination of documents having no scientific value or importance  - are performed in the Archive of the Academy.  At present, the documents are being stored in the Archive since 1945.   


Department members

- Head of the Department

Specialist  (on document control)

Specialist with issues relating to individuals

Archive administrator and clerk 

Head of the department:   Malahat Nurkishiyeva

Telephone number:   (+994) 50 300 44 77;  (+994) 50 277 02 54

E-mail:  malahat.nurkishiyeva@acsc.az; milanur4477@gmail.com,