Scientific research Group, as a structural unit of the Academy, performs the functions of planning and execution of the scientific-methodical workings, organization of practical application ways for the obtained scientific results, preparation of the teaching staff’s research materials, also the materials of scientific conferences and symposiums for publication.

The Group closely works with faculties, departments, laboratories, centers and other structural units of the Academy. The Group has organized its profile in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Academy’s Charter, resolutions of the Academic Council and rector’s assignments.

          The Group is responsible for:

  • Execution of research and scientific-methodical workings in departments and research laboratories, also control over application of the scientific results in practice;
  • Participation in planning and discussion of the research and scientific-methodical workings in departments;
  • Examination of the scientific research and methodical works;
  • Control over reports on research works made by departments and research laboratories and preparation of final reports;
  • Early collection and analysis of research plans and methodical works for each subsequent year and submitting them to Academic Council for approval;
  • Registration of the research works published by Academy’s employees;
  • Organization of scientific-methodical seminars and lectures for PhD candidates, candidates for a degree and masters;
  • Participation in discussion of theses, scientific works at departments;
  • Examination of dissertations introduced also by other institutions for discussion and defense;
  • Creation of a bank of research topics for PhDs, dissertation authors and masters;
  • Organization of conferences about annual reports on the scientific-research works held in Academy;
  • Participation in Students’ Scientific Society;
  • Academic consultations for members of Students’ Scientific Society over research workings.


Group’s staff:

Specialist on doctorate – Ismailova Tamara

Specialist on documentation – Gafarli Hussnia

Tel: +99412 4933644 (int. 113, 223).

e-mail: science-asma@rambler.ru