The national concept of education, established by Great Leader Heydar Aliyev, is first of all,  based on the principles of provision of the unity of tradition and modernity and adaption of education in Azerbaijan to the relevant international education standards.

At present, the database support and care, provided by the head of the state Mr. Ilham Aliyev, to education and especially to the higher education and establishes great opportunities to achieve success in the education of highly skilled specialists. 

The main purpose of the career group is to promote knowledge, practical abilities and skills of the students and to take extensive, technical, information and educating measures in order to solve issues relating to their employment.  Profile information of students, alumni, as well as, skilled and erudite young people facing employment problems are consolidated at the database of the career group.  Moreover, the database includes information about state and private entities which suffer from employee deficiency and hold vacancies.  Along with ensuring the higher education of the students, the Academy also assist them in establishing their future career.

In accordance with global practice, the extent of employment of alumni is one of the major factors that affect an assessment of university ranking.  In this respect, while becoming one of the most important structural divisions during a very short term of its operation, the career group holds a unique position in ensuring the prospective development of the Academy and increasing its rating within society and amongst other higher education institutions.  The career group performs its activities particularly on the following directions:

  • Taking actions for settlement of issues relating to employment issues of students and alumni of the Academy ;
  • Supervision over organization and performance of production internship, pre-diploma, scientific-research and scientific pedagogic practices of bachelors and masters ;
  • Development of data base for students, masters, postgraduate students and candidates in the sphere of their employment ;
  • Organization of alumni career fairs ;
  • Organization holding of the presentation by state and private entities.


Supervision over the organization of externships is performed in accordance with "Regulation on the organization of navigation and production externships on the vessels belonging to Transportation  Fleet of the Republic of Azerbaijan" approved under Decree dated May 8, 2000 No. 83 issued by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan as well as, with "Regulation on Career Group".

The Career group of ASMA was established on 05.09.1917 in accordance with the Order No 151 / K.

 H e a d   o f   t h e   C a r e e r   G r o u p   o f   A S M A :    Elkhan Damir oghlu Mammadov

A d d r e s s  :  Az 1000, Baku city, 18 Z.Aliyeva street,  I educational building , III floor, room no.-321

T e l e p h o n e  n u m b e r : (+994 12) 493-36-44 (extension number 218), 050-278-06-69

E – m a i l :  
elxantec@mail.ru, elxan.mammadov@acsc.az