Academic Department of the Academy was established in   1996. The academic department operates as Academic Registration Department since 2015.

The main responsibilities of the Academic Registration Department: 

Adoption, discussion of education and operation teaching plans and their submitting to the Academic Council of the Academy for approval in accordance with "State Standards for bachelor (master) tiers of Higher Education" approved by the Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Allocation of academic workload between sub-departments for the purposes of preparing for new academic year ;

Supervision over allocation of workload performed by sub-departments between in - service teachers in accordance with applicable regulations and allocation provided by Academic and Registration Department ;

Supervision over drawing up of syllabuses, calendar and teaching plans and other documents by sub-departments ;

Supervision over availability of all programmes, textbooks and study guides for all subjects taught by sub-departments ;

Supervision over conducting of demonstration lessons and mutual hearings of the Higher education teaching staff in compliance with determined schedule ; 

To provide deaneries, all relevant departments and subdepartments with all necessary textbooks for the purposes to ensure normal performance of teaching process ; 

Organization of and supervision over navigation externships. 

Preparation of documents for relevant commission dealing with   issues of reinstatement of students dismissed in various years, as well as their transfer from one education form to another or from one specialty to another ;

Drafting of annual statistic calculations and provision delivery of such calculations to the relevant bodies ;

Keeping records of students having a credit debt.

Organization and holding of summer semester (third semester) for students having a credit debt in accordance with the relevant Charter ;

Submitting the list of WAC chairmen, drafted on presentations issued by departments and agreed with Vice Chancellor, for approval of  Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping  CJSC ;

Planning of student admissions on different specialties bachelor and master tiers for  the next academic year and submitting of such planning to Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping CJSC upon being agreed  with the Vice-Chancellor ;

Supervision over academic discipline and provision of the rectorate with information on this  ;

Drafting a monthly report on student population movement ;

Collection documents relating to higher education teaching staff employed on by the hour basis at various sub departments  and drafting of orders relating their payment on an hourly basis ;

Allocation of audience between departments (faculties) and supervision over their effective use ;

To accept for execution the guidelines, instructions, letters, guidance orders and other documents issued by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, other ministries, organization and bodies as well as to ensure supervision over their proper execution ;

Drafting of orders pertaining to educational process and sending of other necessary documents to ministries and other organizations ;

Supervision over examination sessions and defending of thesis, collection and consolidation of data regarding examination results received from departments ;

Management and coordination of operation control service, registration office and internship division operating within Academic registration Department.

At present, 1 senior specialist on academic issues, 4 specialists on academic issues and 1 methodologist are employed at the Department.   

Head of the Academic Registration Department: İsaq Khankhishiyev

Tel: (99412) 498-73-94