ASMA has employed an in-house legal counsel.  Acting under the auspices of the vice-chancellor, the legal counsel`s main responsibility is to supervise the provision of legitimacy in the Academy and to ensure the legitimacy of activities which are performed in respect of Higher education teaching staff and students.

In-house legal counsel:

- Ensure preservation of legitimacy in the Academy and provides defence of legal interests of the Academy ;

- Provide inspection and supervision  of orders, instructions, project of guidelines which are drawn up in the Academy in accordance with legal order as well as, participate in the preparation of these documents if necessary ;

- Provide methodical guidance to all legal activities; provide legal assistance to structural divisions and public organizations; participate in receipt of claims and preparation of justified replies ;

- Participate in resolution of legal issues emerged in respect of activities of the Academy, in preparation of legal opinions pertaining to projects of statutory regulations, as well as in designing of actions directed for enhancement of the activities of the Academy.

- Take actions for the purposes of implementation of applicable legislation; Make  all employees of the Academy aware of  statutory regulations and of amendments to such regulations  that pertain to activities of the Academy ;  Counsel the employees of the Academy on the current applicable legislation and provide opinions in respect of organizational - legal and other matters, propagate legal knowledge ;

-Participates in preparation and performance of actions  for enhancement of household, financial and labour discipline, protection of privacy and for  fighting against embezzlement ;

- Participate the actions taken for the purposes of improvement of labour discipline in the Academy ;

- Provide recommendations for implementation of orders issued by the Academy and other statutory regulations ;

- Represent the Academy as a claimant or defendant at any competent court in respect of judicial cases. 

Legal counsel :    Osman Valiyev

Telephone number :   (+994) 50 277 02 85

E-mail: osman.valiyev@acsc.az