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G E N E R A L   I N F O R M A T I O N

Lachin Babayev Chairman of ASMA Student Union CommitteeC h a I r m a n  :                      Lachin Babayev

D e p u t y   c h a I r m a n  : Atdikhan Hajiyev

 D e p u t y   c h a I r m a n  : Asker Alakparli




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Structure of ADDA Student Union Committee :

Chairmen and deputy chairmen of Faculties : 

  1. "Shipboard mechanics" faculty

1) Shahin Asadli          185 A       faculty chairman

2) Elmir Huseyinli      185 A       faculty deputy chairman

3) Shakir Karimov        186 A 2        faculty deputy chairman

 For ”Marine Navigation” faculty

1) Elshad Razzagli                               234 A      faculty chairman 

2) Mahammad Mammadov           234 A      faculty deputy chairman

3) Elvin Sattarov                               206 A1          member

 III. For “Electrical engineering and Radio electronics” faculty

1) Shahriyar Tapdigov        365 A1             faculty chairman

2) Joshgun Mammadli       365 R        faculty deputy chairman

3) Nijat Sultanov               385 A       faculty deputy chairman

 M a n a g e m e n t   B o a r d   o f   S t u d e n t   U n I o n   C o m m I t t e e   o f   A S M A

  1. Lachin Babayev
  2. Atdikhan Hajiyev
  3. Asker Alakparli
  4. Shahin Asadli
  5. Elshad Razzagli
  6. Shahriyar Tapdigov
  7. Turan Alasgarli
  8. Ikhtiyar Ahmadov
  9. Kamran Mammadov

Chairman of the Project affairs department - Alasgarli Turan, a student of the group no. 385 A of the Electrotechics and automation faculty, deputy chairmen -  Rahimakhanim Salmanova, a student of the group no. 386 A and Jabbar Shamsizada, a student of the group no. 207 A 1.

The Project Affairs department considers all cases relating to the planning of all type events and competitions.

Chairman of Sports Society -  Ikhtiyar Ahmadov, a student of the group no. 186 A1 of the Shipboard mechanics faculty, deputy chairmen - Abalfazl Gahramanov, a student of the group no. 197 A  and  Farkhan Vatani, a  student of the group no. 197  R.
The Sports Society – is engaged in the organization of sports competitions for a variety of sports types. 

Chairman of academic affairs department : Kamran Mammadov,  a student of the group no. 186 A2 of the Shipboard mechanics faculty, deputy chairmen -  Gurshad Masdiyev, a student of the group no. 187 A  and Gabil Malikov, a student of the group no. 207  A1.

The Academic affairs department provides holding of scientific events and organization of academic competitions.  

Link :  https://www.instagram.com/adda.thik/

R E G U L A T I O N S   O N  G R O U P   S T U D E N T   U N I O N   C O M MI T T E E   A T   H I G H E R   A N D   S E C O N D A R Y   E D U C A T I O N  I N S T I T U T I O N S

Approved at the Plenary Session of the Republic Committee dated 18th of June 2004.

  1. O n t h e   o r g a n i z a t i o n   o f   s t u d e n t   u n i o n   g r o u p
  2. 1. Student union groups are established as groups uniting at least 7 members studying at the same education institution (group, department, division) in accordance with a decision of Student Union Committee.
  3. 2. Student union group organizer (hereinafter referred to as "organizer") shall be elected for the duration of 2 years on the common meeting by means of open voting. Deputy chairman and other commissions (such as commission on academic affairs, occupational safety, sports affairs etc.) may be elected for the purposes of rendering assistance to a group organizer having considered the real situation in accordance suggestions proposed by faculty and university (institute) committee.
  4. O n t h e   c o r e   a c t i v i t y   o f   a   g r o u p   o r g a n i z e r
  5. A group organizer shall, together with other elected most active members of the student union, involve other members (pupils) of the educational institution to all public affairs performed at the educational institution.
  6. A group organizer has a special focus on increasing education quality, strengthening academic discipline, protection and effective use of assets rendered for use.
  7. 5. A group organizer shall, in accordance with a decision and approval of the relevant group, faculty or university union, ensure holding of competitions and contests among groups and organize rewarding the winners for the purpose to gain a deeper appreciation of knowledge and to achieve success in the sphere of scientific and technical progress.
  8. 6. Shall focus on administrative affairs and ensures conducting of competitions for "the best student union group”, “the best commission”.
  9. Shall perform raids for the purposes of supervision over strict adherence to academic discipline, discuss results with the relevant student union and deans of faculties, renders its best endeavour in order the relevant decision is made on these issues. 8. Shall ensure rewarding of exemplary students at education and supervise timely and proper allocation of monthly scholarships to students.
  10. The group organizer shall communicate with senior student unions, organize the students` and pupils` acquaintance with the rules of safety and ensure their strict adherence to these rules, shall also ensure that they undergo medical examinations each year and take effective preventive measures to prevent their injuries and disability.
  11. Shall contact the medical institution of the educational institution, examine the students and pupils with poor health and contact the relevant student union to ensure the allocation of concessional sanatoriums and health resorts for the recovery of their health.
  12. Shall contact the relevant person in charge for administrative and economic affairs of the institution, keep on focusing on regular activities to ensure that students in need of accommodation are provided with proper accommodation spaces, improve the living conditions of the members of the union group.
  13. Shall, together with the clubs, primitive amateur circles and groups functioning within the educational institution, ensure the arrangement of events that contribute to the effective leisure of students and the increase of their cultural level.
  14. Shall combine his / her efforts for the purposes of the arrangement of interesting sports events, as well as athletics events aimed at the involvement of youth students in sports, facilitation of functioning of the relevant structural units providing vast opportunities contributing to the strengthening their physical education and enhancement of students' sense of military-patriotic feelings.
  15. A group organizer shall, together with other active members, supervise the functioning of facilities (library, mess room, canteen, medical point, student campus, club, dormitory, sports facilities, sanatorium, computer halls) serving students, submit proposals and remarks to higher student trade union bodies, regularly inform the group members about the decisions made.
  16. A group organizer shall routinely inform union members about the establishment, purpose, mission, past history, structure, other areas of activity of student unions, instruct them and take necessary actions for their further training, take care for strengthening their unity with other members. A group organizer always focuses on members` compliance with the requirements of the Charter.
  17. A group organizer provides supervision over the involvement of fresher students (pupils) in the alliance and over the proper drafting of documentation for payment of monthly membership fees in accordance with instructions and remains responsible before the higher trade union bodies.
  18. Group organizer shall convene a group meeting at least once a month, inform the union members about the work done, decisions made and their implementation, and informs the faculty and university committee on the issues that are beyond the ability of the group organizer.
  19. Shall act in accordance with the Charter, make appropriate decisions on members of the Union violating the Charter requirements, inform the higher trade union authorities about it.
  20. W o r k i n g o r d e r   o f   a   g r o u p   o r g a n i z e r
  21. A group organizer shall perform his / her activities in accordance with the Charter of the Independent Trade Union of Azerbaijan Education Employees (ITUAEE), the Law on "Trade Unions", his / her personal working plan, relevant guidelines, decisions and recommendations of the higher trade union bodies.
  22. The organizer acts independently while performing his her duties and does not subordinate to functionaries (head of department, dean, pro-rector, rector) of the educational institution, report only to the group that elected him her and to the upper trade union bodies.
  23. Group organizer and individual activists can be rewarded by higher trade union bodies for their good work.

M A I N   D I R E C T I O N S   O F   A C T I V I T I E S   O F   T H E   S T U D E N T                     

U N I O N   C O M M I T T E E

The main directions of activities of the Union consist of the following duties imposed on the Union : - protection of labor, social, economic rights and legitimate interests of members of the Union who study and work in the field of education ; - Representing the interests of the Union members within the framework of cooperation with employers, conduction of collective negotiations,  conclusion of  the  agreements, contracts and performance of supervision over their implementation; - health care of members of the Union, their family members, organization of their pension, sanatorium, resort treatment and recreation, physical education and sport development; - Organize public control over the elimination of factors affecting labor protection, the environment, health, and ensuring that its members are healthy and safe; - Increasing the preparation, retraining, qualification and education of trade union activists, trade union members and trade union employees ; - Providing methodological information, legal, material and other types of assistance to trade union members and trade unions; The trade union committee forms commissions based on the charter of the Union in order to implement its activities.  

  1. Organizational-public commission
  2. Labor and Social Protection Commission
  3. 3. Cultural and Sports Affairs Commission
  4. Occupational health and safety commission etc. 

 O R G A N I Z A T I O N A L -   P U B L I C   C O M M I S S I O N Outstanding obligations : - Involves employees working at institutions and organization (students and pupils) in the membership of the Union ; - plans the work of the Trade Union Committee; - summarizes the proposals and critical notices in the report-election meetings (conferences), draws up the action plan ; - Arranges meetings of trade union committees ; - supervises the execution of the decisions made by the Trade Union Committee ; - organizes education of trade union activists ; - Carries out the proper organization of clerical work in the Trade Union Committee ; - Registration of trade unions and organization of qualitative strengthening of the organization's spheres; - Makes proposals on material and moral rewarding of members of the union who are distinguished in the Trade Union ; - Provides extensive and comprehensive information to familiarize more union members and educators with the activities of the Trade Union and its separate bodies ; - Provides methodological assistance to trade union activists, its separate bodies in relation to information issues, new regulatory documents; - Draw up minutes of meetings of the Trade Union Committee (conferences, sessions and other assemblies) ; - Conducts investigation relating to received applications, appeals and inquiries in respect of organizational work ; - Organizes condicting of various competitions, contests and training for the purposes of strengthening the Unin and its reputation ; -  Closely participates in the implementation of collective agreements.   CULTURAL AND 

S P O R T S   A F F A I R S   C O M M I S S I O N  Outstanding obligations : - Organizes visits to grave of the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev and of our martyrs who lost their lives for the independence of our Country and solemn celebrations of portentous and tragedic days in the history of the Country ; - Arranges visits to museums, historical monuments and other places of the Country for the purposes of instilling a sense of love to Motherland of the Union members during holidays and weekends ; - Involves the Union members in participating at public cultural events and theatre spectacles ; - Celebrates national and public holidays at the educational institutions together with the management of such institutions ; - Adopt suggestions in the course of drafting the collective agreements ;  - Provides supervision over conducting the public and cultural events envisaged in the relevant collective agreements ; - Performs necessary actions concerning the preparation of resort camps for the summer season ; - Conducts massive cultural events, establishes circles and conducts intellectalcompetition and other relevant contests in order to organize leisure of the Union members to their own liking ;  - Arranges ceremonies aimed to deliver and remind information to the Union members about genocides committed agains Azerbaijan nation in the different years ; - Organizes creative  exhibitions of the Union members, as well as,  competitions, festivals, contests and sports - athletic events for them ; - Having considered interests and trends of the Union members, adopts suggestions for the establishment of leisure centers ; - Conducts meetings at residential houses and repairs for children (orphan asylums) during holidays and rendering material and moral asisstance to them ; - Arranges for the visits to the military divisions located on the front line, renders material and moral asiistance to them and rises  the  spirit of soldiers.  

O C C U P A T I O N A L   H E A L T H   A N D   S A F E T Y   C O M M I S S I O N Outstanding obligations : - Periodically examines compliance of work places, aisles, buildings, territory etc., including equipment, lifting devices, vehicles and operating procedures with occupational safety requirements ; - Provides supervision over  proper carriage, storage and use of hazardous, explosive and combustible materials and sources of exposure to radiation ; - Checks sanitary-hygienic working conditions (such as temperature and humidity regime, pollination and gacious pollution of air, lighting conditions etc.), sanitary facilities and amenities of employees and the extent of their supplying with necessary equipment, as well as their storage conditions ; - Checks compliance of new built and reconstructed production and household facilities with occupational health and safety rules ; - Ensures supervision  over instructioning of employees, teaching them the safe working methods, organization of safety as well as, over proficient performance of such works and supplying of employees, working at dangerous areas, with the relevant identity and access cards ; - Analyses reasons of occupational injuries and diseases and provides surveillance over the execution of events aimed at the elimination of such reasons and other instructions given by the State Labour Inspection and occupational health and safety departments of the relevant institutions, including execution of presentations,concerning occupational health and safety,  issued by persons in charge appointed by public organizations and trade unions ; - If the injury of the employee emerged not due to the fault of the institution only, but also due to injured person`s gross negligence, if the employer determines the injured person`s xtent of fault, then the Commission shal deliver its opinion on the issue.  The opinion issued by the Commission shall necessarily be taken into consideration by the relevant employer.  - Provides supervision that the employees are provided free of charge with protective overgarment, special protective boots and personal protection equipment in time,  in a proper manner and that these items are duly maintained (repair, cleaning, washing, cleaning from dust etc.) ; - Controls working conditions, rest hours, protection of women and youth labour, celaning and antiseptic materials, delivery of treating and preventive foods, the organization of drinking water supply,  as well as, in time and duly compensation of employees who were injured while on production, and supervises adherence to applicable legislation ; - Participates in designing and implementation of the relevant sections in the course of the drafting of Collective Agreements and Contracts on Occupational health and safety, as well as, in the holding of events relating to ensuring of occupational health and safety, preparation of the institution for autumn - winter season and in the attestation of work places.  Controls proper use of funds allocated for occupational health and safety; - Consider projects of various regulatory documents, issues of importance concerning occupational health and safety, including appeals and applications received from members of the Union and suggests poroposals to the relevant trade union committee or union bureau, if necessary ; - Participates in preparation and conducting of organizational events (inspections, raids, competitions, occupational health and safety day etc.) relating to occupational health and safety, checks the existence of propaganda aids and their condition, as well as, cabinet`s activities concerning the issues of occupational health, and supervises over the organization of plackards and corners relating to prevention of accidents within the facility ; - Arranges activities performed by public representatives concerning occupational health and safety. LABOUR AND SOCIAL PROTECTION COMMISSION Outstanding obligations : - Provides control if the management of the educational institution adheres to provisions, envisaged in the Code of Labour, relating to working hours, rest days, vacation, protection of labour of women and minors incolved to work ; - Provides trade union structures with recommendations relating to legislation on salary ; - Provides supervision over correct clculation of salary for over-time work and correct tax deduction from salary, holiday pay ; - Controls if salary is delivered in time and calculated correctly ; - Apperars before court for the purposes of protection of rights of the Union members; - Provides the Union members with legal assistance (counseiling, drafting the claim petitions and drawing up of other legal documents)  relating to labour and social services ; - Provides legal expertise of decisions, resolutions, orders and other legal documents and check their compliance with applicable legislation ; - Takes part in drafting and conclusion of collective agreements ; - Adopts methodic aids, relating to legal issues, for activists of trade unions ; - Involves the Union members in to the courses, workshops and trainings organized for in respect of legal matters; - Provides supervision over execution of provisions envisaged in the relevant collective agreement ; - Controls adherence to apllicable legislation while committing of obligations concerning the collective agreement project ; - Organizes discussions of the collective agreement project which is intended to be adopted further in the conference (or at the meeting) with the bodies of the Union in participation of the Union activists ; - Drafts semi year and annual reports relating to execution of conditions of the Agreement ; - Organizes that the relevant amendments and changes to the legislation of Labour are reflected in the current collective agreements ; - Provides supervision over the execution of proposals and cavils suggested by employees in the course of conferences and meetings.