The only educational institution in the region that trains highly qualified marine personnel  

Although marine studies in Azerbaijan date back to late 19th century, the establishment of Azerbaijan State Marine Academy during the years of independence was the start of a new era in the development of marine studies.


Azerbaijan State Marine Academy that trains highly qualified nautical personnel not only for Caspian Shipping Company but also sailing in the international waters was established  as a new area of education in Azerbaijan on the base of Baku Sea Routes School as per resolution dated July 15, 1996 of the Cabinet of Ministers pursuant to Executive Order of Haydar Aliyev the farsighted head of country who knew well that it was extremely important to have a higher educational institution  training highly qualified marine personnel in our Republic – a maritime state.

 From the first day, this Academy provides education in accordance with the requirements of the International Convention “On Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers” adopted in 1978 by International Maritime Organization to which our country joined as member as a continuation of our National Leader Haydar Aliyev’s policy of promoting Azerbaijan. 

To this end, there developed basic training programs, syllabuses and state standards on education in all specialities and accepted by IMO as duly approved. Academy has been included in the system of higher marine studies in the world under the number of 012. The Academy whose diplomas are recognized by 170 countries of the world, is a member of International Association of Marine Higher Schools and the Scientific-Methodical Council of higher marine schools of CIS countries under the Admiral Makarov Marine Academy in St. Petersburg and an active participant of Association of Higher Schools of Caspian littoral countries and a higher education institution that cooperates directly with higher marine schools of 17 foreign countries.  From October 2016, it is a member of International Association of Marine Universities.

The Academy whose diplomas and certificates are recognized internationally has diverse activities in training of highly qualified marine personnel, advanced training and re-training. To this end, there has been established the “Seafarers Training and Certification Center” as per Resolution No. 83 dated May 8, 2000 of the Cabinet of Ministers in the Academy. And from 2014, the Training – Educational Center under the Academy carries out training and certification of the specialists working in the sea. The main goal of the Training – Educational Center is to train crews and specialists working in the marine units in accordance with the requirements of International Convention “On Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCWS)” and its annexes. Ordinary crew specialists are also trained in the relevant specialities under control of this Center. The Center has received a Certificate No. GH-07/1 dated 27.04.2014 from State Maritime Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan and ISO 9001:2008 certificate of quality dated November 27 2014 No. 14.1234.026 from Certification System of Register of the Russian Federation. The Training – Educational Center carries out 34 courses of attendance. As the Company’s fleet gets enriched on account of new and modern ships, the training process of the Academy is supplied with new simulators and laboratory network expanded. There is consecutively carried out the process for supply with modern equipment and simulators so that education in the Academy meets international standards. There have been purchased and used in the education process the “Engine room simulator ERS4000”, “NT-4000”, “TQS” and “NS-3000” simulators that meet the requirements of B-1/12 section of International Convention in the recent year, for instance, “Radar”, “Navigation”, “Electronic Mapping”, “GMDSS” simulators.

Quality Policy in Azerbaijan State Marine Academy is based on unconditional compliance with international and national standards, regulations and guidelines governing the requirements imposed on the procedure for service performance regarding training – simulator centers, training of sea transport specialists and their simulator training and on the quality and it covers all levels of organization of activities in the Academy. Quality policy relies on quality management system effectively operating in the Academy.

The Academy works to ISO 9001 International Standard of quality management system in training of the marine specialists continuously from October 2002 and ISO 9001:2008 quality management system gas been applied in the Academy from 2010. From April 2015, Academy has been operating with a new certificate based on ISO 9001:2008 standard of quality management system.

Based on the results of the international audit conducted by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) one of the reputable classification societies of the world in the Seafarers Training and Certification Center of Azerbaijan State Marine Academy from February 2016, there was approved the conformity with ABS’s “Standards for certification of education institutions and training courses” and so the Academy was granted with the AVS Certificate of Conformity in 2016.

The above-mentioned ensures compliance of the specialities and seafarers training services with international and national standards.

A new rector was appointed to Azerbaijan State Marine Academy which is the only educational institution in the region according to its profile, as per Executive Order dated July 24, 2015 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev first time in the history of the Academy as a result of the care and attention of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The substantial structural changes and reasonable personnel policy successfully implemented by the new management allows to organize teaching process on a higher level in the Academy. “Caspian Shipping Company” always meets its needs for highly qualified personnel provided that preference is given to quality. The Company and its Chairman Rauf Valiyev always cares about ASMA which is the main source of personnel for “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company” Close – Joint Stock Company. As a result of this care, the graduates distinguished in their studies are provided with employment (based on the issuance of recommendation letter) and career development, receive further education, as well as their social security is strengthened.

Selected students of the Marine Academy are sent for summer sailing practice on board ships in the Black Sea every year in order to ensure development of the marine personnel trained in the Academy to the international standards.

This may also include the opportunity for time-fixed education on account of “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company” Close Joint Stock Company in the higher marine schools of the foreign countries by way selecting relevant high achiever and achiever students.

There was organized a teaching process meeting recent standards on a high level in all levels of education (bachelor, master, doctor) in marine specialities in the Azerbaijan State Marine Academy. 

 At present, there operate 3 faculties and 7 departments in Azerbaijan State Marine Academy. There study up to 1300 students in the Academy taught by 8 professors, 31 associate professors, 64 master teachers and 50 assistant teachers. Studies as offered in 10 specialities in the Academy – “Navigational Engineering", " Power Plants Operation", "Electrical Engineering", "Transport- Construction Engineering", "Freights and Management in Transport", "Transportation Service", "Management", "Power, telecommunication and radio engineering", "Shipbuilding and ship repair",   and "Process Automation"

Today, not only the young students from our country, but also students from turkey, Georgia and Kazakhstan study in the Marine Academy.

 “Ship Mechanics” faculty carries out training of specialists, as well as scientific – pedagogical personnel in the following specialties in bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in marine studies:   

Bachelor degree: • Shipbuilding and ship repair • Marine Power Plants Operation;

Master degree: • Marine machinery and technology • Marine machinery and equipment operation

Doctoral degree: • Marine machinery • Shipbuilding and ship repair technologies

The Faculty includes two departments: • Speciality and General Training Department. Speciality Department: • Marine Power Plants and Shipbuilding

General Training Department: • Mechanics and Mathematics

Graduates of this faculty are employed by the ships floating not only in the Caspian Sea but in all the international waters, and by leading international companies, ports, and shipbuilding companies. Specialists trained in the speciality of “Marine Power Plants Operation” may work in the area of internal combustion engines of ships and power plants operation. Graduates receive   diploma of employment and relevant certificates in addition to diploma of higher education during the years of their studies which allow them to be employed as ship mechanician or mechanician in duty in the shipping companies of Azerbaijan and foreign countries. Specialists trained in “Shipbuilding and Ship Repair” speciality carry out the design, construction and repair of ships of various purposes. They may be employed as production engineers, constructors, workshop manager and head of units and as scientific workers at scientific- research institutes, shipbuilding and ship repair facilities. Currently, 6 professors, 15 associate professors, 18 head teachers, 11 assistants are employed and up to 400 students study in the faculty.

“Navigation” faculty conducts training of specialties in the following specialties in bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in shipping.

Bachelor degree: • Navigational engineering • Freights and Management Engineering

Master degree: • Navigational engineering • Freights and Management Engineering  

Doctoral degree: • Shipping and water transport. This Faculty includes two department: • Navigation • Freights in water transport:

Currently, 3 professors, 6 associate professors, 14 head teachers and 13 assistants are employed and up to 500 students study in Marine Navigation faculty. Graduates of “Martine navigational engineering” speciality may be employed as assistant masters or masters in the ships sailing both in the Caspian Sea or all international waters. Graduates of “Freights and their management” speciality may be employed in managerial positions and as logisticians, coordinators, managers, operators, dispatchers, expeditors, stevedores, surveyors, agents and technicians at Baku International Sea Trade Port, and a number of ports of the world, leading international companies, Transport Departments, shipping companies and State Maritime Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Personnel training is conducted in bachelor and master degrees in "Ship electronic" faculty:

Bachelor degree: • Electrical engineering • Process automation

Master degree: • Electrical engineering • Process automation  

Graduates of this faculty are employed by the ships sailing not only in the Caspian Sea but in all international waters, leading international companies including scientific research institutes. Currently, 4 professors, 8 associate professors, 17 head teachers, 7 assistants and over 300 students study in the faculty.

Teaching in the faculty is conducted in three departments: one speciality and two general training departments. Speciality Department: • Ship electric. General training departments: • Humanities and languages • Physical training.

Graduates of this speciality may be employed as electrical engineer in the ships.

 Another tool that provides modern teaching in the Academy is the “Teaching ship”. Teaching ship is used when delivering theoretical and practical lessons and conducting field experience for the students studying for the conventional specialties.  Our students are taught the speciality disciplines and undergo their field experience in “General Asadov” passenger ship which was put at the disposal of ASMA as a teaching ship from September 15, 2015, and in the other ships meeting modern international standards and in Baku Shipyard.

The Academy always modernizes its material and technical potential and enriches its auditorium, laboratory and teaching cabin with the newest technical – teaching aids in order to train highly qualified seafarers. Academy focuses on improvement of teaching and strengthening of its relations in science and production at all times. All conditions have been created in the Academy for efficient activities of the teaching staff and students. That is, students studying in the Academy are provided with fully repaired and free hostels, meals twice a day, and spring – winter clothes. The hostel of the Academy has undergone capital repairs and put at the disposal of the students. There is an information - resource center supplied with numerous books in Azerbaijani, Russian and English related to profession of seafarer, a policlinic, dining hall, sport halls, and a pool that will meet the needs of the students.

The new building of the Marine Academy was also put at the disposal of students from 2016. The four - storey building located at 127, Kazim Kazimzade str., underwent capital repair at the expense of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company and its territory renovated.

As per Resolution No. 197 of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Marine – Fishing Industrial College of the Ministry of Education was assigned into subordination of “Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company” Close Joint Stock Company and renamed as Naval College under Azerbaijan State Marine Academy.  

Today, Azerbaijan State Marine Academy and naval College are open to students and continues operating successfully in the new academic year.

Ch.M.Aliyev the Rector of ASMA who has made great efforts in a responsible and honorable direction in training of highly qualified professional personnel with modern outlook does not only create broad opportunities for our young students studying in ASMA, but also highly qualified graduates are admitted to the Academy year by year (number of those students scoring over 600 points who just choses ASMA grows year by year) as a result of improvement in education quality, performance data of the student contingent admitted to ASMA every year and their development from year to year, and a series of measures taken in preparation of student admissions.

Governed by priority areas of government policy for youth, there operate a Scientific Society of Students, Student – Youth Organization, Student Trade Union Committee in the Academy. An evidence of these activities is the contest “Language - the Path towards career” held in ASMA between higher schools of the republic in which higher schools of our republic participate with support of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. So, ASMA which hosts this contest for the third time provides opportunities for young students of our republic to demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

The young students of ASMA  who are part of the Azerbaijani youth provided with comprehensive government care today make their contribution to the development of the society working diligently in “Converting oil revenues to human capital” as said by President Ilham Aliyev  who is committed to Youth Policy of the National Leader with his decisions.