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Azerbaijan State Marine Academy will host an International Scientific and Technical Conference
2021.07.09 01:38

International scientific and technical conference on "Innovative perspectives on development of technical and natural sciences" will be held on November 25-26, 2021 by the Department of Applied Mechanics at Azerbaijan State Marine Academy.

Conference covers a wide range of engineering fields related to technical science, technological advance and the application of natural and fundamental science, as well as humanities and political science.

Along with local universities and organizations, representatives of universities and organizations from a number of countries (France, Turkey, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Estonia, Mexico, etc.) are expected to participate in the conference. Selected articles (4-8 pages) will be published in local and international scientific journals after a proper review.

It is expected that scientific articles selected in accordance with the relevant rules will be indexed in international scientific databases, such as Web of Science and Scopus.

You can send the conference materials to ADDAconf@gmail.com. For more detailed information  click on the link below.

Download :  http://adda.edu.az/uploads/EN_International scientific and technical conference.docx